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Strut Your Stuff with Healthy Intentions for 2017

by shannvanderleek on January 17, 2017

Fancy Peacock at The San Diego Zoo“Strut Your Stuff” Photo by Shann Vander Leek

Happy New Year Beauties!

This is the time of year when coaches and personal development bloggers share loads of tips and ideas about how to strut your stuff and live your best life in the new year.

With the new year comes a clean slate. A blank page. The chance to begin again.

If you’re ready to improve the quality of your life, chances are you will set your resolutions and begin to make changes in January. For many, the comfortable pull of ‘the way things have always been’ will start to sabotage your best intention and can often overpower newly minted resolutions before they have a chance to germinate. Feeling defeated, we often give up on our resolutions to transform our lives.

I choose to live in a resolution free zone. [click to continue…]


Goddess Card Monday

by shannvanderleek on January 16, 2017

Goddess Card Monday at #TransformationGoddess


Welcome to Goddess Card Monday!

I love beginning each week with a new goddess card message to inform the week ahead. Want to join me? 

If you are called to choose a card, go for it! Click on the link below to see which card you chose and enjoy the 3 card spread.

The left card is #1. The middle card is #2. The right card is #3.

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My Broken-Open Heart

by shannvanderleek on January 11, 2017

Enjoy My Broken-Open Heart from my courageous friend and warrior goddess, Lisa C. Adams.

My heart was broken recently. Though painful, it’s also been a miraculous alchemical process of healing, insights, and blessings.

Several months ago, “D” asked me to leave my wonderful life to make a new one with him. I joyously picked up and moved to another state, leaving my business and personal life behind. We were excited to be creating a life together, and I was re-building, re-branding myself and my business to reflect a new direction. Everything was building beautifully and quickly. I was all-in.

Our relationship seemed solid – we were having a great time and amazing sex. We’d been living together, just bought a house, and were making plans for our future. We even merged our finances; he offered to support me while I got my business on its feet in a new community.

Then he broke up with me. [click to continue…]


Goddess Card Monday

by shannvanderleek on January 9, 2017

Goddess Card Monday at #TransformationGoddess


Welcome to Goddess Card Monday & Happy New Year!

I love beginning the week with a new goddess card message to inform the week ahead. Want to join me? 

If you are called to choose a card, go for it! Click on the link below to see the card you chose and enjoy the 3-card spread for the Taurus Full Moon.

The left card is #1. The middle card is #2. The right card is #3.

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Transformation Goddess: Top Posts for 2016

by shannvanderleek on January 1, 2017

Hello Beautiful,  Thanks for swinging by today. Enjoy the valuable wisdom that resonated most with our community in 2016. 


Transformation Goddess: Top Five Blog Posts of 2016


 How to Heal Your Past, Release Shame and Liberate Your Heart

For many years, I’ve been carving out sacred family time to visit my mom and stepfather up in the rolling farmland and sleepy village of Bliss, Michigan. Sweet traditions circle back around each visit including making my great grandmother’s homemade borscht (cold beet soup) recipe, canning sweet pickles, and gathering herbs and vegetables from my mom’s abundant garden. I enjoy several visits to one of my favorite “otherly places” on the shores of Sturgeon Bay. Beach walks, invigorating swims, sunsets, afternoon naps and french pressed coffee make up little pleasures while staying at a private little cottage where my grandmother once lived. But it’s the time with my mom that is the most precious. Read More>>


IMG_0005The gift of energetic cord cutting, grief, and wisdom

In the late summer of 2016, I participated in an energetic cord cutting ceremony and sweat lodge to release old wounds and stories with my dad. At the time, I was being drawn back into some of our old patterns and it was necessary to reset my intention to create healthy boundaries in our newly minted relationship. My teacher and eight more beautiful souls, held sacred space for me as I shared my truth and let go. Today I realize this sacred ceremony was a precious gift from the Divine. Two months later my father passed away.  Read More>>


9 Sacred Ways to Walk in Beauty

When you sit with the definition of the beauty or think about what it means to walk in beauty, what comes up for you?

Ive learned that walking in beauty is creating an intimate relationship with the goodness of all creation. I feel deep gratitude and respect for the Native American people who inspired my deeper curiosity about living in a beauty way.

There are nine elements that contribute to the beauty way: awareness, prayer, stewardship for the Earth, creative expression, sacred living, self-love, community, personal responsibility, and gratitude.

Read More>>


This Sacred Life

The phone rang at exactly 11:11am.

11:11 again. Why did that sequence of numbers always seem to be popping up in front of me?

I almost didn’t pick up the phone. I was deep into budget planning for my sales force and didn’t want to interrupt the painstaking process. On the third or fourth ring, however, I answered the call that would forever change the course of my life.

On the line was John, a charismatic former colleague and masterful negotiator. Without preamble, he offered me a mind-blowing position with a media company in Austin, Texas. The promotion would mean a high-powered management position, a virtually unlimited expense account, and a truly insane salary several times greater than the six figures I was already bringing in. Talk about an ego boost and a fork in my road! Read More >>


Song of The Wild Queen
(Our most popular Guest Post by C. Ara Campbell)

She’’s a wild one with a deep mystery that dances in her eyes.

Her heart can be broken in a million pieces and she looks unshaken and poised on the surface.

Don’’t let her quiet calm fool you; a fire storm rages inside.

There is a passion that burns in the depths of her soul like a thousand fiery suns.

She is not one to be tamed or chained. Her song is one of freedom and her spirit soars along the endless skies.

Yes, she still falls apart. Read More>>



Your Favorite Weekly and Monthly Offerings
will continue in 2017!

IMG_0019Free Goddess Card Messages 

To set the tone for every month, I will share free goddess card messages with our sacred circle. Come back on December 30th to request a Free Goddess Card Message for the new year!  


GoddessCardMonday250x250Goddess Card Mondays

I love beginning each week with a new goddess card message to inform the week ahead.

Join me every Monday for a 3 card spread. Choose the card that calls to you and reveal your free goddess card message.


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Infinite Love & Gratitude!

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