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Walk in Beauty in 15 Minutes: Free Love Offering

Do You Wrestle with Self-care, putting everyone and everything else before Your Own Needs? I know how you feel…

Learn how to Walk in Beauty with the Strength, Courage, and Pleasure of Reclaiming Your Feminine Sovereignty!

Claim Shann’s Sacred Audio Series, Guided Meditation and Bonus Transformation Goddess Manifesto with Supportive Practices to Walk in Beauty and Awaken the Goddess Within…

Free Audio Series


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What You Can Expect to Receive

You will get five short audios emailed directly to your Inbox over the next two weeks. You will also receive a gorgeous Transformation Goddess Manifesto poster, Guided Meditation, and our popular newsletter with interviews, gifts and offerings fit for a Goddess!

Sacred Audio Series Topics include:

1. An Exploration of Sacred Feminine Ritual

2. How to Create Your Sacred Altar

3. Peaceful Breathing Exercises 

4. How to Let Go and Thrive

5. The Pleasure of Joy Spotting™ 


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