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Goddess Card Monday

by shannvanderleek on December 26, 2016

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Goddess Card Monday at #TransformationGoddess


Welcome to Goddess Card Monday!

I love beginning each week with a new goddess card message to inform the week ahead. Want to join me? 

If you are called to choose a card, go for it! Click on the read more link to see which card you chose and receive a free goddess card message.

The left card is #1. The middle card is #2. The right card is #3.



Your Sacred Reveal!


The Goddess Tarot



1) Seven of Staves – Defense, Combat, Struggle

While you have the ultimate advantage in this situation, there may still be some conflict with people who have their own agenda. Draw on the energy of Goddess Freya to support you through your struggles. 

2) Seven of Cups – Choices, Fantasy, Indecisiveness

Do your best not to overindulge in thoughts of what the future might bring via fantasy and daydreams. A choice is needed, make a decision to move forward an rejoin the world. Set your intention, do your part and trust the process.

3) Nine of Staves – Responsibility, Separation, Exhaustion

This card signifies that it’s time to pause, rest and reconsider your plans. You must balance the amount of time you work on your projects with time for self-care or you will get burned out. Completion feels so close, yet so far away. Remember to take things one day at a time and you will succeed.

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