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More than 500 listeners joined us for our ‘LIVE’ call and were blown away by the powerful actionable content we shared to help each attendee understand the power of  healing your past and opening  your heart so you can experience more joy.


As a woman you are being called to do the inner work necessary to heal your sacred self and step fully into your Divine Feminine Nature. When you decide that you no longer wish to suffer, you will discover a powerful internal resource of courage to heal your precious heart.

If this is your current experience…

  • You protect your heart with layers and layers of heavy armor.
  • You feel held hostage by the choices and experiences of your past.
  • You are tired of looking over your shoulder and ready to experience more joy.
  • You feel energetically closed, and overrun by demons of self-doubt and insecurity.
  • You know you are ready to trade in guilt and shame for grace & self-acceptance.


Join Linda and me for this powerful REPLAY where I share The Sacred Heart Method to heal your past and open your heart. The Sacred Heart method includes creative exercises to unite your mind, body and spirit with the divine. When women feel crushed by the weight of shame and suffering, our fragile minds are out of balance. If you have harmful outdated programming running through your head, you may have fooled yourself into believing you are not worthy of love. This is not true. In this call, we discuss how to re-balance your mind and let go of the burdens that no longer serve you. This is sacred and soulful work.

  • Access the compassion that lies beneath your personal story of pain & discomfort.
  • Learn to put your energy where your joy is.
  • Heal the shame & suffering that keeps you from caring for your mind, body, & soul.
  • Identify where you are in the Sacred Heart Healing cycle.
  • Find forgiveness for yourself and others & begin the cycle of personal healing.

Now imagine a world of women who have healed their precious hearts… Picture the love, wisdom and power they could wield to heal the world…



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