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The Voice of Love

by shannvanderleek on December 11, 2013

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The Voice of Love Photo Credit: Singing by Pixomar

“It sounds like this is an opportunity for a conversation,” I said to my client.
Laughingly she replied, “Ah yes. EVERYTHING is always a conversation, isn’t it?”

This particular client has known me for quite a while and was lovingly and playfully referring to the “way” I generally direct things, which is often the way of the conversation.  I seem to be always steering people towards a conversation instead of away from it.

Personally and professionally, I firmly believe that the two most important factors that determine your success in any given area are your willingness to take imperfect action and your “ability” to participate in a difficult conversation.   

And by “conversation”, I mean the ability to initiate and experience deep connections, love, empathy and awareness with yourself and others. These conversations are where the Voice of Love speaks, and where the Power of Love is able to create magical transformations.

“We need to talk.” Everyone dreads hearing those words as much as we dread saying them.  It’s easier to just avoid the conversation altogether.  But a powerful conversation, is not just about talking. Listening is absolutely necessary for Love to have her way, for the Voice of Love to be heard and for the power of Love to transform our lives.

In this modern high-speed world of instant communications, we are constantly bombarded with clichés, sound-bites, abbreviations and snippets. So much so, that we tend to not listen very deeply. Yet without the conscious decision to listen deeply, a surface conversation remains powerless to truly transform the situation.  Deep listening requires stillness, presence, and intention, and the best place to start is with our own self, our own body, our own soul.

This inner space is where we must begin if we want to have the greatest success in the outer world of our life.  

When we learn to listen carefully to our bodies, our souls, and our hearts, we will discover our needs, our desires, our longings, our callings – we will hear the Voice of Love.  It is then, that we can listen to others deeply and create a conversation that is full of peace and grace and has the potential to be powerfully life changing…where the power of Love can transform any situation.

The Voice of Love speaks with confidence, with power, with knowing, with vulnerability.

When our body speaks to us, through our feelings and emotions, this is the Voice of Love.

When we speak to others, with confidence, power, compassion, vulnerability, grace – this too, is the Voice of Love.

  • What does your body say to you at this moment? 
  • What does your heart desire? 
  • What does your soul long for?
  • What feels good? What hurts? 
  • What are you tolerating? 
  • What is unbearable? 
  • What makes your heart sing?

These are the places to start listening. When you can listen to your innermost self with ease and clarity, you can answer these questions… This is where the conversation truly begins.

Today, I encourage you to listen to your body, your heart, your soul – without judgment.

Listen with curiosity and compassion – because your body is speaking to you in the only language it has – feeling and emotions – and some of them will be painful, some of them will be pleasurable, and all of them are valid and necessary.

Your feelings are a miracle.  When you hear them you are hearing the Voice of Love speaking, and Love never fails.

Cindie Chavez: The Voice of LoveCindie Chavez is an Intuitive Life & Relationship Coach who partners with busy, creative women who struggle with overwhelm and want to connect to their innate feminine spirituality to create a life full of Love & Magic. She writes a weekly inspirational blog and has some great free stuff for you at www.cindiechavez.com

Claim your free copy of Cindie’s eBook here: “Healing for a Broken Heart”


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