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When The Drummers Were Women

by shannvanderleek on October 6, 2014

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When The Drummers Were Women

Hey Goddess, I have a treasured read for you!

My sweet friend Tricia recommended When the Drummers Were Women by the late Layne Redmond (1997). We were exchanging favorite resources at our women’s circle and this book was first on my list.  For fifteen years the author researched the history of the frame drum in religious and healing rites in the ancient Mediterranean world culminating in this treasure chest of divinely feminine wisdom.

I’ve been drumming and shaking my tambourine at special gatherings for several years, but had no idea about women’s role in the spiritual history of drumming.

This extraordinary book details the lost history of a time when women were the primary percussionists in the ancient world and also explains why we are not today.

Reading this book motivated me to buy a drum (go figure). I was delighted to find an old handmade frame drum available on Ebay that needed a new home. I received my new drum the day I finished reading this book! Divine timing…

Layne Redmond discovered her life’s passion as an apprentice to a male percussionist. The author’s personal story of  drumming in a society where women are still not encouraged to learn how to play the drum is fascinating. When Layne discovered her music teacher’s vast collection of artwork from the ancient world showing goddesses and priestesses holding frame drums, she was intrigued to learn more.

This extraordinary manuscript weaves together pictures, mythology, musical lore, history and scientific information about the supportive and healing qualities of drumming.  The author unearthed a history of women and their role in worship, sacred ritual and art for thousands of years before the patriarchy became dominant.

Reading WHEN THE DRUMMERS WERE WOMEN gave me goosebumps. This inspiring history of feminine power and spirituality shows that patriarchy is just a blip on the screen and that women in charge of our bodies and spirits is our natural state. Layne Redmond has restored the drum to its rightful place as a sacred technology for repossessing our own consciousness.”
-Dr. Christiane Northrup

Enjoy this video of Layne Redmond & Friends

This book is well written, informative, empowering, spiritual and historical. When the Drummers Were Women is a keeper in the Transformation Goddess Library!

Layne RedmondLayne Redmond (1952-2013)
Composer, Drummer, Author, Filmmaker, Educator and beautiful soul.

Layne’s recordings include The Wave of Bliss, Invoking the Muse, Trance Union, Since the Beginning and she has two instructional videos: Rhythmic Wisdom and A Sense of Time. Her meditation albums include: Chakra Breathing MeditationChanting the Chakras, Heart Chakra Meditations. She also authored a chakra meditation guide titled Chakra Meditation. She recorded her gifts under the Sounds True label.

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