Do you want to become a woman who releases blocks, is fully expressed, self-confident, and ready to embrace this sacred life?

If your answer is yes, I’m here to support you.

As a teacher, mentor, and transformational coach, I have the experience, education & resources to help you free your voice, reclaim your feminine sovereignty and transform your sacred life. My soul’s purpose is to witness, listen, and engage with women like you who want to walk in beauty, with full awareness of your personal power, divinity, and joyful essence.

I can support you to focus your full attention on the exploration of your soulful, sensual and sacred feminine life.


I facilitate the Transformation Goddess Experience A 90-day private goddess coaching program that includes powerful self-inquiry exercises, creative expression, guided meditations, and compassionate self-care.

I created another path to help women amplify their voices and flaunt their sacred truth with the creation of Podcast Bath Media Services for female coaches, authors, creatives, and entrepreneurs who want to strategize, produce and launch new podcasts, online classes, audiobooks, and radio shows but don’t feel comfortable stepping forward on their own with all of the technology involved in the process. I’ve been producing and co-producing podcasts for over 14 years, with over 12 million downloads. I can help you launch your new podcast in 30 days or less!

You deserve to reclaim your voice, stand in your truth and revel in your feminine sovereignty…

To get started right away on your transformational journey, you’ll want to claim my complimentary Transformation Goddess Album: Guided Relaxations for Women Who Do Too Much. It’s easy. Just click on the text link or fill out the short form below and you’ll receive the album along with a gorgeous Transformation Goddess Manifesto poster and monthly goddess card messages.

You’re welcome to claim a Sacred Discovery Session if you’re ready to begin your feminine transformation. I’d love to support you!

Interested in creating a new podcast, radio show, or audio class? Visit at PodcastBath for a free consultation.





Read my glowing coaching reviews to get a feel for how I show up for my clients and what they take away from our partnership. If you feel like we’d be a good match, let’s talk!