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This month it’s my pleasure to share a guest post with you by sacred dancer and shakti priestess, Zinnia Gupte. Zinnia graced us with her beauty in the Divine Feminine Spotlight last September and will be sharing her wisdom with us again in  the 2nd Annual Goddess Talk Sessions. This goddess shines!

Throughout the sands of time, there has always been the temple of the Sacred Feminine. And in that temple, there are five key archetypes a woman must journey through to experience initiation, trials, and mastery of her sacred woman maturity so she can fully blossom into her fullness.

The five sacred archetypes are the Lover, the Medial Woman, the Amazon, the Mother and the Queen. Any adolescent girl may start her initiation at any given place on the circle. Some girls start their journey as muses and artists, discovering their creativity or sexuality. Other girls have ancient memories of being a healer, priestess, oracle, shaman, seer or medicine woman and want to activate that flame within them. Some girls are very nurturing and love the compassion, harmony and graceful feminine presence of a matriarch. Others begin the adolescent journey with warrior skills – ambition, courage, a strong will as well as independence and purpose.

Each journey around the circle is sacred and each circle once completed takes the woman to her next evolution on the spiral of womanhood. In each woman, one of these archetypes is more dominant and one archetype is dormant or is deeply in shadow. This is the part of us that remains unknown, unloved, or unwanted, and controls our lives until we see her, touch her and commit to healing her.

Lover initiations often involve opening up to sensuality and being in the body. The Sacred Lover gives us the gift of beauty and vitality, she is our honey, sweetness, and sacred succulence. She is our magnificent expression of intimacy in our bodies. The shadow of the Lover can involve addictions, abuse and ignoring the deep language of our bodies. The healed Lover wants to share her creative gifts with the world and can experience the highest expressions of love including joy, bliss, and ecstasy. The healed Lover has a healthy relationship with herself and brings Divine Creation into the world through her Higher Self. When we activate this holy grail of magnetic energy, we awaken shakti and let her liberate us. Life becomes a sensual celebration, a wondrous dance and a joyful orgasm of living deeply and loving fully. Goddesses who can help you heal your inner Lover are Aphrodite, Iseult, Guinevere and Hathor. The Lover can express herself as a muse, artist, musician, poet, dancer, courtesan, enchantress model, painter, and photographer.

Amazon initiations involve speaking our truth, defending boundaries, finding a higher purpose and calling that places us in service to humanity. The shadow side of the Amazon can arise when we cannot defend ourselves and we are easily defeated by people, places, and situations. We fall into being a victim, where we react to the world. A healed Amazon is empowered and identifies with being a creator, not a victim. She has shed the more adolescent forms of brattiness and being the center of the world. She knows how to negotiate and navigate in the adult world with a set of standards based on truth, honesty, integrity and service. Goddesses who can help you heal your inner Amazon are Artemis, Diana, Boudica, Freya and Dhurga. The Amazon can express herself as an adventurer, activist, warrior, military person, political leader, corporate leader, executive, pilot, and crusader.

Medial woman initiations involve discovering our magician powers. We are called to experiment with crystals, healing modalities, sacred dance, ancient rites, and esoteric knowledge. Many medial women come from a long line of medial ancestors. The Medial Woman in shadow may hide her true power from fear of punishment, abandonment, and exile. She prefers the shadows where she is safe and not in the spotlight. The healing work that often helps her is soul-retrieval, journaling her truth, channeling her Highest Self, identifying with being a powerful woman, womb healing, singing and dancing and expressing her gifts. The Medial woman’s greatest power is her intuition and inner knowing of plants, earth medicine, the moon cycles, the symphony of stars, ancient dance, singing and sound healing. The awakened and healed Medial Woman is a spiritual leader in her community, spreading her message and fully supported in her work. She is cherished and loved for her wisdom. Goddesses who can help you heal your inner Medial Woman are Medusa, Morrigan, Isis, Ixchel, Lilith and Circe. The Medial Woman can express herself as a priestess, shaman, oracle seer, coach, facilitator, reverend, church group leader, psychologist, and leader.

Mother initiations happen when we give birth to our children, a deeply cherished project, vision or company. Maternal energy is our birthright and one of the deepest feminine rites of passage a woman can experience. The Mother energy is Empress energy, abundance energy and creation itself. She inspires us to embrace nourishment, as she is the Queen of Nourishment. A Mother in shadow is someone who has a limited viewpoint of her fullness and sees herself only in a mothering role. She does not accept and integrate her inner lover and warrior, medial woman and queen. Shadow mothers are clingy and controlling with a deeply held belief that there is “not enough.” The awakened mother is very open to the flow of love and abundance – her resources, family, and bountiful gifts. She is not controlling. She is aligned with creation. Goddesses who can help you heal your inner Mother are Kali, Kuan Yin, Isis, and Cybele.

Queen initiations happen when a woman steps into her executive decision-making skills and economic power. The Queen’s talents are about mastery of her different archetypes. Having journeyed through the circle multiple times, she has a vision for her life, a plan. She has access to resources, people, and money that help her build an empire. She works with the awakened Medial Woman within her to access deep power and intuition to guide her. She activated her Amazon to speak her truth and do what is right in her heart. The mature lover inside her allows her to choose a wise King. The Mother within will teach her to be a fierce, compassionate and loving matriarch of her children, family, castle, and Queendom. A Shadow Queen can be a tyrant and a bully. Secretly in her inner world, she feels powerless inside so he has to rage and roar to control everyone in her external world. Goddesses who can help you heal your inner Queen are Cybele, Isis, Brigit, Rhiannon, and Athena.

When we come full circle and crown ourselves in the center of our sacred feminine maturity, we become the Queen. The Queen is no longer a sleeping princess, unaware of her powers, skills, resources, and talents. She knows who she is, where she belongs and she has a vision guiding her future. From this place of deep feminine power, she can create anything she desires. She is magnetic. People will appear to get the work done for her.

When women can embrace that we have multiple dimensions to our soul, we can embrace the rich layers of who we are deep at our core. We discover the Great Mystery through these archetypes, we discover our beauty, power, and grace. Most of all we discover, that we are works of art on a human journey of trial, tribulation, refinement, and mastery. We are here to awaken our true divinity as Goddesses walking a path of beauty and grace here on Earth.

Inspiration and acknowledgments:
Sheila Foster
Temple of The Sacred Feminine

Zinnia GupteZinnia is a 6x bestselling author, inspirational speaker, priestess, and sacred dancer who helps women embrace their sacred feminine power. She is an expert at connecting women with their souls’ desires. Zinnia is the author of Messages From Shakti and 5 more books for women.

Zinnia is the host of the Shakti Power podcast on iTunes and offers mentorship, group coaching, free talks, and workshops about her signature Shakti Power process. Her courses are designed to help women reimagine their lives and generate more power.

Her forthcoming book, Shakti Power: Awaken Your Inner Power, Beauty, Intuition, and Magic will be in the world soon. Zinnia divides her time between New York City and Ibiza, Spain and teaches sacred dance every year at the Ibiza Spirit Festival.

Reach Zinnia at www.shaktipriestess.com and receive your free Shakti Goddess Gift Bundle!

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