Shann Vander Leek

Mother Mary joins us this month to remind us that faith is the key to receiving miracles from the Divine. We often block ourselves from the abundance coming to us when we get impatient and don’t trust that the miracles we are praying for are on their way to us. Mary invites us to open [...]

Welcome back, Goddess! I love drawing Oracle cards for you and have been offering Goddess Card Messages since 2012. This month Goddess Isolt rose to the top of the deck to remind us that love is everlasting. Isolt can help you heal your heart from emotional pain. She is here to show you that the [...]

I’m glad you’re here to receive this month’s Goddess energy and a potent message from Athena for the days ahead. This is a message about trusting your instincts and moving forward on your terms. You are the creator of your life. Trust yourself.  I will share goddess card messages for a small energy exchange. If [...]