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Every month I have the honor of spotlighting a book that I think will resonate with the women who gather here for sacred feminine exploration. This month it’s my pleasure to share a behind the scenes interview with my Sagittarian sister, Crystal Andrus Morrisette.

In the 80s, Melody Beattie rocked the world with the idea of Codependency.

At the time it was brand-new word (wasn’t in the dictionary yet) that helped empower millions of people to see how they were showing up in the world, hurting themselves (and others) by not being healthy emotionally.

Well… the exciting news is that Crystal has written what many coaches, doctors, and therapists are calling the next practical new psychology… It’s called The Emotional Edge.

Crystal Andrus Morrisette is a light worker and women’s advocate who is dedicated to healing our world. I resonate with her message deeply and think you will too!

“Want to feel empowered and at peace? Read this book! The Emotional Edge is a multidimensional treasure chest with valuable processes, exercises, and meditations that will help you heal your life.”

~ Shann Vander Leek,  Transformation Goddess & Bestselling Author


Transformation Goddess Interviews
Light Worker, Crystal Andrus Morrisette

The Emotional Edge

What was your inspiration for writing The Emotional Edge?

My inspiration for writing The Emotional Edge was my search for truth, wholeness, and healing in my own life and with my own relationships. Writing this book felt like teeter tottering into no-man’s-land; I was afraid to move forward but even more afraid to go back. The vulnerability I felt sharing my own truths, mixed with the audacity of writing a book about how to heal your own wounds and become a stronger, striving person, both terrified and electrified me. There is a fine line between madness and mystic. After many Dark Nights of the Soul, I’ve discovered my truth: Love Heals Everything. Every. Thing.

What do you love most about birthing your book and message to the world?

Birthing this book was truly like birthing a baby! The greatest gift it gave to me was finally finding the self-love I’d buried! I could no longer be underestimated, undervalued, and mistreated. I couldn’t play it small and fragmented another day! It was time for me to shine! It was time to ‘Be Me’: Big, sweet, soft, grandiose, alive, passionate, purposeful, and potentially influential . . . in a good way! It was simply ‘time’ to rely on faith and love, knowing that nothing is impossible!

What lessons will women come away with after reading your book?

Although The Emotional Edge is nongender and many men and couples will benefit from reading it, I personally wrote it for every woman who is tired of thinking about her flaws, fears, failures, and fat—those disempowered repetitive thoughts that are preventing you from becoming your greatest Self.

The Emotional Edge is, in part, an attempt to define what being an empowered woman means and the answer to this will serve men, too! It is time for women to stop having to explain themselves, to justify their ambitions, to search fruitlessly for possibilities and role models. It’s time for the word woman to become an archetype that requires no further explanation. It will be a clearly defined symbol.

What is your personal message and how does it support women?

I may not be the smartest. I may not be the most educated. I may not be the oldest, the youngest, or the wisest. I may even be grandiose at times too. Oh well. But I Am Your Equal and You Are Mine!

We live in an ever-expanding, infinite universe and you are a part of that universe. Your purpose is to become the most empowered version of you possible, and that means following your passions!

Stay focused on your desires—those rockets firing upward from the surface of this earth. If you don’t really want something, don’t give power to it. Stick with what lights you up, and you won’t fail. Trust your inner GPS. It is a global positioning system. Literally. But most of all: stay true to you. Be Your Self!

Tell us about the women you love to serve?

All women … really . . . but I can only serve those who want to find their own inner Princess/Queen again. Who are ready to wear their crown, use their voice and tell the truth. We can’t bury our gold any longer, not for anyone.

Where can our readers pick up a copy of The Emotional Edge?

You can purchase online at and everywhere books are sold! Plus, I’m gifting $350,000.00 in scholarships to my world-renowned Empowerment Coaching school, exclusively for women: The S.W.A.T. Institute (Simply Woman Accredited Trainer). Be sure to NOMINATE yourself or a woman you love to win a scholarship by visiting

Now that you’ve birthed your book, what are you focusing on?

I’ve already finished my next book: On The Edge: A true story of abuse, suffering, redemption, and ultimately, forgiveness. It will be out September 2016. It is my greatest work to date! It blew me away writing it!


About Crystal Andrus Morrisette


Crystal Andrus is a worldwide leader in the field of self-discovery and personal transformation. She has risen to become a three-time best-selling author, coach, international speaker, TV personality, women’s advocate, and Founder of The S.W.A.T. Institute (Simply Woman Accredited Trainer)–an international coaching certification school.  Crystal’s personal story is the perfect backdrop to be a voice for empowerment. She has overcome insurmountable odds to create a life of joy and purpose.


P.S. Be sure to NOMINATE yourself or a woman you love to win a coaching scholarship by visiting


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