Divine Feminine SpotlightHey Goddess, I’m so glad you’re here to learn more about being featured in This Sacred Life – Divine Feminine Spotlight. I have been producing this popular podcast for seven years and find great pleasure in amplifying the voices and transformational messages of each of our guests.

Our growing community of women comes to Transformation Goddess for a soulful, sensual and sacred exploration of the Divine Feminine. They love to read and listen to transparent, inspirational conversations with women who walk in beauty. Women who model the strength, courage, and pleasure of claiming their feminine sovereignty.

I put a lot of great care into each interview and invest several hours each month, to prepare, interview, and promote each conversation. 

Creative and sovereign women like Ara Campbell, Linda Joy, Kristine Carlson, Crystal Andrus, Jodi Chapman, Melissa Ambrosini, Chameli Ardagh, Debra Reble, Ph.D., Lisa Adams, Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman, and more soul-centered, confident and generous women are a part of the This Sacred Life – Divine Feminine Spotlight Sisterhood.

Debra Reble Featured in the Divine Feminine SpotlightBeing interviewed by Shann for the Divine Feminine Spotlight is one of my favorite recorded conversations. Shann created a safe and sacred space, like talking to my best friend. Our synergy was palpable and felt by anyone listening to the interview. Not only did my list grow but I received several new clients from this experience. Our conversation inspired me to write my story for my co-authored Kindle book, “Unleash Your Inner Magnificence.” Above all, the Divine Feminine Spotlight transformed my experience as a woman, goddess, and a feminine energy in the world.

~ Debra L. Reble, Ph.D.

Want to know how you can join these soul-centered women in the Divine Feminine Spotlight Series? Read on…

This Sacred Life – Divine feminine Spotlight (DFS) Sponsorship Package

Here is what you get when you choose to amplify your brand and message:

  • Goddess_MandalaA professional interview with a lifelong media expert and Transformation Goddess,
    Shann Vander Leek
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Your investment is $147.00 (for all of the above) to amplify your voice and share your truth with our circle sisters.  


C.-Ara-Campbell-147x300I loved being able to talk so deeply with Shann when we gathered in sacred conversation. I felt such an instant soul resonance with her. Connecting with her is like hanging out with a soul sister, there was such an ease and natural flow to the energy.

Working on The Divine Feminine Spotlight and having an authentic conversation with Shann was beyond amazing. The light that she brings into the world and her devotion and passion to women, the circle and the divine feminine is much needed medicine in our world. I love her ability to gather women together and create such a strong and powerful space flowing with wisdom.

Shann created such an amazing sacred container to be able to share my truth in. The promotion and support I received from her as she brought this conversation into the world was phenomenal. She was able to get the message from our time together out in a way that was very organic and far reaching. Her support continued even after our time together and her insight was invaluable.

~ C. Ara Campbell, The Goddess Circle


I am committed to your success and that of each of Divine Feminine Spotlight participants. Upon being accepted for spotlight registration, you will receive a backstage pass to our Goddess Green Room for all of the DFS guidelines and details.

If the Divine Feminine Spotlight feels like a good fit for you, please contact me and tell me why you want to be featured in the Divine Feminine Spotlight so we can verify that our collaboration is a good fit for you and the Transformation Goddess community.


Thanks for your consideration! I look forward to collaborating with you soon.


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P.S. The Divine Feminine Spotlight blog post & podcast interview is a great way to increase your reach and share your wisdom with a highly engaged community of women who walk in beauty. 

Lisa AdamsShann Vander Leek is an inspiring leader and professional who stands out in a industry full of amazing women leaders. She is excellent at building connections: on a personal level, one-to-one, Shann makes you feel comfortable, understood, and as if you’ve known her forever.

On a broader level, she weaves connection through her work, helping women connect to one another by building them up, supporting them, and helping them to widen their reach by putting their message out to the community.

When Shann interviewed me, I felt very comfortable right away, and enjoyed our conversation. My interview was very well received and I was contacted by many women whom I still stay in communication with. Shann is great at communication and follow-up and has put together a well-run, well-organized system for her business. She is certainly an unexpected blessing in my life.
~ Lisa Adams