Welcome to This Sacred Life and The Divine Feminine Spotlight podcast series.

The intention of This Sacred Life and the Divine Feminine Spotlight is to share wisdom teachings and transformational conversations with women who walk in beauty, with the strength, courage, and pleasure of claiming their feminine sovereignty.

Today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Joni Advent Maher.

Joni Advent Maher, MSW is a Mystic, Spiritual Midwife and Transformational Coach who supports soulful women ready to embody their Sovereignty and stand in their value in all ways.

She has spent the last 4 decades inspiring others to open and partner with the spiritual dimension of life.

Joni is a Master Transformational Guide with over 25 years experience supporting others as an accomplished psychotherapist, spiritual teacher, circle and workshop leader. She is a champion for women’s voices, wisdom and leadership – as a certified WomanSpeak Leader and creator of the podcast: Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow: Conversations on Money, Transformation and Feminine Sovereignty.

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Carve out 30 minutes to enjoy our sacred conversation. I know you will enjoy Joni’s powerful feminine energy!

Hi Joni, Welcome to the Divine Feminine Spotlight. Let’s begin our conversation with the story of your most recent journey through the sacred fire of transformation.

Last summer I had a profound transformation in the way I experienced life and myself. I shifted a final piece of the lack, fear, and self-doubt I carried from my childhood. It was a legacy of “not enough” passed down through my mother line.

I had spent the last 4 decades both inhabiting and whittling away at the story: I am not enough and there is not enough. When it was strongest I judged, doubted and betrayed myself in my efforts to become worthy and access the Source of my well-being, which I believed was outside of myself. While I grew more and more free over the last 20 years I could still find myself captive to the old story from time to time.

My final transformation of the legacy culminated while I was doing some personal healing work with a mentor who has helped me come home to my physical body.

I was exploring a two-year-old ankle injury from a near fall down some stairs. Just prior to the injury I had been watching a glorious meteor shower at a vacation beach house.

My healing experience became about stepping fully into my life and reclaiming trust in myself. It was a life-changing shift. At one point, I experienced the whole cosmos within me. And then became a small white speck poised to swan dive into the cosmic womb. And with that, I was reborn into a world of Divine Love.

From that day forward my experience of life and myself was forever changed. I could now experience and partner with the ever-present dimension of myself and life that was always holding and supporting me in love.

Since then I developed practices, which enable me to deepen in my connection to this state of Being.

I’ve become clear I’m called to share these tools with other soulful women who release fear, lack, and self-doubt to open to liberation, empowerment, and abundance.

How do you relate to your body, sexuality, and feminine power?

I know my body, sexuality and power are inextricably linked.

For years I was numb and disconnected from my body as part of my history of repeated sexual trauma. The Sacred gift of my sexuality had been taken from me and used for someone else’s pleasure before I could unwrap it and embrace it for myself. I spent many years disempowered and frozen.

My journey of healing and transformation brought me home to my body – to heal the trauma, to reclaim the gift of my sexuality and to access my potency and power.

Claiming my body and my sexuality for my own first and foremost has been a long but essential process. I had to reverse my lifetime of steeping in patriarchal demands, a disempowered feminine legacy and residual trauma, all of which underscored my body and sexuality were for the pleasure of the man. My worth, value and sense of power became tangled in part by how I was perceived by men.

It’s still painful to remember and even more painful to see how many women are suffering under that burden still.

But thankfully my fiery and tenacious soul has continued to guide my way to wholeness and empowerment.

As a woman in middle age with a young teenage daughter, I have a fierce commitment to each of us as women fully possessing our power, passion, and sexuality.

And I have come to find all of them in deep within my body, particularly my womb and heart space.

What are your favorite Sacred Feminine Practices?

Two of my favorite Feminine practices are practicing sensual movement meditation and creating and working with altars.

Like many women, I open to a meditative state more easily through sensual movement rather than sitting still. Whether in silence or with music, sensual movement brings me out of my mind and into my sensory awareness and body-based wisdom.

My breathing relaxes as I allow my intuition to guide me through a series of sensual stretches and/or sacred dance. Whether I move for 10 minutes or an hour I consistently come home to a more open, expanded and embodied self.

A favorite song I’m moving to these days is Deva Premal’s Om Namo Bhagavate.

Secondly, I love creating and working with altars. I have created sacred space in nearly every room of my home with found treasures from nature, candles, crystals and sacred imagery and icons.

Like many women, I grew up with altars as a part of my early religious tradition. It was a Holy space created for and presided over by the Priest – who was always a man.

Given that context, to create and preside over my own Altars has been an act of reclamation and healing. It has supported me to open to my Spiritual Sovereignty, infusing my space with the Beauty and Grace of the unseen world and given me a tool for transformation and healing.

I have devotional altars, an altar for my family, my ancestors and my work in the world.  I use altars for offerings, to support intentions in my life or place an issue or person in the care of the Divine.

Sometimes I forget to consciously engage with them as I get caught up in my daily life but when I remember they always bring me back to the immediacy of the Great Mystery that animates us all.

How else do you Embody being a Sovereign Goddess?

I embody being a Sovereign Goddess by standing in my Truth and value in all ways.  This is not always easy in a world filled with fear – ours and the world’s fear around us. For me, it requires remembering the ultimate truth of who we each are – Divine beings of Love.

My Sacred nature is the foundation of my sovereignty and what calls me back to remembering and standing in my truth and value in all my relations.  I practice daily holding the vibration of Love, working through my own fear, and being a channel for love in the world.

What comes up when you read the words, Walk in Beauty?

For me, I experience walking in beauty as moving through life with the full awareness of the beauty within and around each of us. I had a mystical experience 2 years ago, which opened my eyes to the Beauty infusing all of life. Here’s what happened.

I was going through a rough passage in 2016 when one winter’s day a veil was lifted as I sat on my yoga mat with the bright winter light pouring in my windows. I had spent the morning in prayer and movement as an attempt to regain my center after losing it 10 minutes into my day.

My cramped, furtive mind and despondent mood persisted despite my efforts. I couldn’t shake the hollow funk or feeling of disconnection that left me feeling like my whole body was covered in a paper mache’ shell that made it difficult to breathe. I sat back losing hope.

Then as easily as a change in the wind, I found myself beyond the veil in what I can only describe as a beautiful field of Grace. I experienced myself in a soft field of Light with Grace raining down on me in a form resembling mimosa blossoms. These soft, white blooms floated down on me slowly opening my numb and desperate heart like a summer rose.

Inside my body and the field around me began to gently flutter or shimmer. I felt light and spacious and could finally begin to breathe deeply. I looked out at the barren trees and saw an Oak mirroring me. Her few remaining brown leaves fluttered in the breeze. My previously troubled mind now as still as a pond on a summer’s day. I was free, open and receptive.

Since that time, I have walked in a mystical beauty and notice all around me.

Please share your inspiration for your upcoming Sacred Feminine Flow Program.

The inspiration for my Sacred Feminine Flow Immersion Program is my personal transformation story from fear, self-doubt, and lack, to a deep faith in myself and the support of Life.

I am excited to support other wise and soulful women to take the next step to root deeply into the unlimited Source of their joy, abundance and well Being. Having lived some version of lack and “not enough” for most of my life I’m so grateful to have discovered the antidote.

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