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The intention of The Divine Feminine Spotlight is to share transformational stories of women who have learned to walk in beauty, with the strength, courage, and pleasure of claiming their feminine sovereignty.

Linda JoyToday it’s my pleasure to introduce you to my good friend, soul sister and co-creator, Linda Joy. Linda and I became fast friends back in 2009 when I submitted my first inspirational article to Aspire Magazine.  She is one of the most generous women I’ve ever known. I’m lucky to hold space for her, and blessed to partner with her, as she shines her magnificent light to empower women.

In her twenty-year journey from welfare mother to award-winning entrepreneur, Linda has learned firsthand the power of passion, courage, and perseverance to achieve your dreams.  She is a passionate believer that there are no failures in life — only lessons to be learned and shared. Linda believes that when a woman discovers her true passion, believes in herself, and takes inspired action to move forward, that only success can follow. Her hope for every woman is that they realize their true potential, take action to bring it forward and in turn share their unique wisdom with the world.

Linda is a Best-Selling Publisher and founder of Inspired Living Publishing and since 2005 the publisher of Aspire Magazine – the premiere inspirational magazine for women.

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“Go All In!” – Linda Joy”

You are an extraordinary catalyst for positive change and personal development. You give so much to the women in your tribe. How does your generosity translate to how you care for yourself?

Like so many women, self-care has been an area of my life that I’ve struggled with for many years. As a woman with a generous and loving heart, I’ve struggled with allowing myself to receive the same love, compassion and care that I so openly give to others. As we both know there needs to be an energetic balance between the two. One of my life lessons has been learning to maintain that balance. The last eighteen months have led me deeper into that journey and I’m blessed to be supported by several amazing women in my tribe.

Tell us about a personal change you’ve made in the last 12 months that has transformed your life.

One of the most powerful personal decisions that I made (and has since become my mantra for 2013) is to ‘Go All In’ in life and business. No more holding back – no more letting fear or doubt lead my decisions.

I had come to the realization, with the help of a few of my Goddess friends kicking me in the butt that I’d been holding back; almost hiding in the background of all that I had created. I was taking the easy, breezy way.

What an empowering awakening it has been over the last six months since claiming ‘All In” as my truth. All I can say is it’s true that when you set an intention from your heart-space and truly release the ‘How’s’ (How am I going to do this) around it – the Universe WILL conspire with you.

What are your favorite sacred feminine rituals?

This looks different for me each day, but just about every morning I draw at least one, sometimes three, Goddess Cards from one of my favorite Doreen Virtue deck of cards. I also have created many sacred altars around my office and home that speak deeply to me each time I pass them by. To guests they may just seem like decorative areas but to me they hold sacred intentions for different areas of my life. For example, I have a beautiful circular clay tray that is filled with heart shaped stones that I’ve collected over the years with my honey, children and grandson.  I’ve placed this in the relationship quadrant of my home. It’s those sort of little things that are sacred to me.

How else do you embody being a Goddess?

The way I love and relate to my partner, daughter, grandson and granddaughter. I enjoy sharing time with them and show them the importance of nurturing themselves and going inward. My gift to each child is teaching them the essence of sacred care through loving kindness and positive affirmations. Since my granddaughter McKenna was born (now 14 months) I have been whispering sweet blessings in her ear so she knows without a doubt that she is magical and loved beyond measure.  I embody being a Divine Feminine Goddess by showing up as a healthy role model, partner, mother and grandmother to my amazing family.

What are you currently reading? What is the overall message of the manuscript?

The book I’d like to share with you today is one that I’ve read every February for the last fifteen years or so. It’s Your Sacred Self: Making the Decision to Be Free by one of my favorite authors and spiritual teachers, Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Before I share the overall message of his book, I’ll answer the question many have asked me in the past which is why do I read the same book(s) over and over again. I’ve found that sometimes the same paragraph of wisdom that brings tears to my eyes and joy to my soul today didn’t even make a dent in my consciousness five or ten years ago because I wasn’t spiritually or emotionally ready to receive it. Today I get soul giggles each time it happens because it serves as a Divine reminder that I’ve come a long way baby!

In Your Sacred Self , Dr.Dyer shares four powerful understandings that assist the reader in connecting with and living from the sacred self. One of those understandings is “You are sacred, and in order to know it you must transcend the old belief system you’ve adopted.”

You’ve had the opportunity to connect with some extraordinary visionaries in the personal development industry. Tell us about your experience meeting one of my role models, Louise Hay.

Like you Shann, Louise Hay has been one of my role models since I first picked up one of her books over twenty years ago. Her personal story has always inspired me and she’s been on quite a few of my vision boards over the years. So having the opportunity to meet her a couple years ago was an empowering moment for me. I was invited to a private book signing party in New York to celebrate her most recent release and I was surrounded by many of today’s leading visionaries and authors. (Listen to our interview to learn more about Linda’s experience in NYC with Louise Hay).


Tell us more about your ‘Mission to Inspire 100,000 Women’ and how our listeners can connect with you and claim a copy of the new issue Aspire.

I’m passionate about Aspire’s ‘Mission to Inspire 100,000 Women” campaign. It’s my commitment to give away 100,000 complimentary subscriptions to women which we’ve been doing since November of 2009. Over 10,000 women claimed their free subscription in the first 100 days of announcing our campaign. I invite the Transformation Goddess community to claim their free subscription at www.SubscribetoAspire.com. Every subscription comes with over 50 transformational free gifts from our Team Inspiration Partners.


Learn More About Linda’s Inspirational Offerings at www.aspiremag.net and www.inspiredlivingpublishing.com.

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Shann Vander Leek

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  • the goddess Jacqui Feb 20, 2013, 11:09 pm

    Such a delicious interview with an inspiring woman.

    I love Aspire magazine and have admired Linda Joy for all that she’s done … and it was so refreshingly REAL to hear that she had to get some loving ‘butt-kicking’ to get her to step out and go all in.

    One tends to think that achievers like her just sort of ‘flow’ into success, so I always appreciate when they’re candid about the struggles along the way.

    Here’s to an ALL IN 2013.

    the goddess known as Jacqui

    • Shann Feb 21, 2013, 1:23 pm

      Thank you Jacqui!

      I agree that LInda is an inspiration and one of the most generous women I’ve ever met. Thanks for your kindness. XO

    • Linda Joy Feb 23, 2013, 3:31 pm

      Thank you for your loving words. I’m blessed to be able to connect with and serve extraordinary women like you. I believe we all need a support system of loving, supportive friends who are willing to be real, authentic and ‘kick our butt’s’ when needed.

      If sharing my story inspires even one woman then my journey has been worth it.


  • Dominee Feb 24, 2013, 4:12 pm

    Love this interview, especially your “Go All In” attitude, it falls in line with my word-of-the-year, Shine. I enjoyed reading about the wonderful changes it has added to your life!