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Welcome to this month’s Transformation Goddess Divine Feminine Spotlight. The intention of The Divine Feminine Spotlight is to share transformational stories of women who have learned to walk in beauty, with the strength, courage, and pleasure of claiming their feminine sovereignty.

Today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Lone Mørch. As a writer, visionary artist and rebel priestess, Lone Mørch is here to catalyze and nourish your creative metamorphosis and help you reclaim your soul, sexuality and personal power.  The founder of Lolo’s Boudoir and e-course, Free Your Sacred Journey, Lone’s work has been featured widely and you can read about her journey in her memoir Seeing Red: A Woman’s Quest for Power, Truth and the Sacred.

The Transformation Goddess Divine Feminine Spotlight interviews are approximately 30 minutes in length and can be enjoyed here, or easily downloaded to your mp3 player from iTunes.

“To live from our sovereign center, means to take full responsibility for our experience and expression in life.” – Lone Mørch

Divine Feminine Spotlight Interview 

Over the past eight years you’ve worked intimately with women’s relationship to their body, sexuality and power through photographic explorations. How to you relate to your body, sexuality and power?

The short and sweet answer is, I don’t relate to it, I AM it, I live and breathe it. This is not separate from me. My body runs the show, and I try my best to follow its guidance and be present with the sensations. I like to think of power being inherent in my ability to sense and respond. As an erotic creature, life to me is fecund, as such my sexuality is my life blood and creative fuel, way vaster than the act of sex, and way deeper than something directed toward or instigated by another person. It feels sacred to me.

Tell us about a personal transformation you experienced in the last 12 months that has transformed your life.

My life is constantly being transformed, and I’m constantly evolving, constantly in the dance of resisting and allowing. Transformations have become more like little fine-tunings to me and my growing edges, and happens more from within than without. It’s how I integrate the world and events and ideas into myself, and it’s called living.

What are your favorite sacred feminine rituals?

Oh so many. I call my favorite scent happy-juice, it makes me happy when I put it on. At home and everywhere I go I always light a candle and burn incense as a way to ‘land’ in body, time and place. Dancing is a wonderful way for me to move energy and also to surrender to what is. I seek nature often, and hiking does wonders for my mind and creative process. My space is really important and set up as a creative sanctuary. It has to be beautiful. Every time I’m done with a project or stage, I move it all around like a physical completion ritual. If agitated or confused, I chop vegetables. ha ha!

How else do you embody being a sovereign feminine Goddess?

I love the word sovereignty. If I were to boil it down to its meaning, I’d say it refers to our consciousness and the knowing that everything starts on the inside. To live from our sovereign center, means to take full responsibility for our experience and expression in life. Living like this has brought me a lot of freedom and empowerment. My daily practice revolves around choice and freedom. I use questions like these to stay aware of to the flow of my energy, feelings and thoughts:

  • Does this feel freeing or limiting?
  • What story am I telling myself right now?
  • Is this (thought, feeling) mine or someone else’s?
  • Does this have soul?

Over the years, I’ve become more and more attuned to my soul, so much so that I cannot do anything that doesn’t feel right and in integrity with my inner wisdom and soul. All my creations have come, not from some strategic planned out path, but from the dark rich soil of my soul. It hasn’t always been a pretty, I’ve resisted a lot along the way, but I’ve come to trust the creative process, the intelligent of life, of creative projects, of relationships, and my own timely unfolding. Honoring and allowing the creative process, the organic evolution of pretty much everything is how I live and let life live me. Not easy in a linear, manual-driven society, but this is my life experiment and I’m determined to lead by example this way.

What was your inspiration for your new book, “Seeing Red”?

Taking a group and a love interest to the sacred Mount Kailas in TIbet brought me close up with my actual power and all the ways in which I divested it. The first version I wrote 10 years ago skirted the surface and it took me a decade of living and digesting, before I understood the initiation that had occurred at the sacred mountain. After divorce, I woke up and began tearing my no-longer-fitting life apart, and finally, the book that lived in my belly was ready to come out. I was inspired to ‘get naked’ on the page because it no longer felt like my story. It was the story of my mother, my grandmothers, and all the women I’ve worked intimately with through my healing photography.

Tell us how our listeners can connect with you and claim a copy of “Seeing Red”.

You can learn about “Seeing Red: A Woman’s Quest for Truth, Power and the Sacred” at www.seeingredthebook.com.  Please join the book club. I offer a reading guide for groups and a free “live” Q & A with me at the end of your reading, via skype or in person if possible.  You can purchase “Seeing Red” on my website. and Amazon, etc.Claim a free chapter of Seeing Red at www.lonemorch.com

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  • Jessica Mar 21, 2013, 7:07 pm

    What a lovely interview! I think my favorite takeaway is chopping veggies when agitated (perhaps because at the moment, that’s exactly how I’m feeling!). Thank you both.

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      Thank you for your kindness Jessica. Big LOVE and happy chopping!