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Evocoteur. Femininity Expert. Ecstasy Educator. Namaste Moore

Welcome to this months Divine Feminine spotlight. I’m Shann Vander Leek founder the True Balance International and the Transformation Goddess Experience.
The intention of The Divine Feminine Spotlight is to share transformational stories of women who have learned to walk in beauty, with the strengthcourage, and pleasure of claiming their feminine sovereignty.
Today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Namaste Moore.  Namaste Moore is the Founder of “SOFT” – The School of Feminine Transformation and the Creator of “Occupy The Feminine” a movement of women choosing to consciously occupy their Feminine Essence. 
Divine Feminine Spotlight interviews are approximately 25-30 minutes in length and can be enjoyed here, or easily downloaded to your iPhone or mp3 player from iTunes.  


tge_gift_tagBeing a Goddess is a state of mind.” – Namaste Moore


DFS Featuring Namaste Moore


Here is a brief synopsis of our Divine Feminine Spotlight interview. Please make time to listen to the podcast to experience the full energetic connection of our conversation.

I’d love to begin by having you tell us about your relationship with the Divine.

The Divine and I have an amazing profound and deep relationship rooted in a fundamental belief that the Divine is always and ALL WAYS expressing it’s self to me – laughing with me, walking with me, enjoying me. And so I find myself enjoying it as well. I truly believe that we are each a Facet of the Divine made manifest- and it is our Sacred Journey to recall the power, majesty and beauty of our own Divinity. Just as when a man and a woman meet- the seed of the man in the fertile container of the woman creation occurs- similarly – when the Seed of Divinity within is housed in Flesh that is aware, conscious and receptive- Creation and miracles occur. Everyday.

How do you support men and women with reconnecting to their heart’s desires?

One of my Great Works is in helping men and women connect to each other. So often women feel that the world is a hostile place- largely due to men. Many women feel discounted from their womb space (which is an energetic space) and that Femininity is a liability. Men tend to feel devalued and that their Masculine Essence is not celebrated or wanted. As if to be Divine or Conscious is be feminine. My Work (and I’m honored that my Beloved and I work together – so it is truly our work) is in Bridging that gap between the sexes via the Pathway of Pleasure. I teach, coach and speak to men and women on how to reconnect and live ecstatically holistically. This includes the physicality (this area tends to be hugely disconnected), emotionally, spiritually, sexually and intellectually.

What personal transformation have you experienced in the last 12 months?

There has been so much!! In the last 12 months our business has really begun to blossom in ways that are tangible. I’ve played with the energy of Ebb and Flow, Contract and Expand on a daily basis almost. Probably 2 of the most Transformative resources have been coming in contact with a book called “Love Without Conditions” which has challenged me, stretched me and delighted me deeply and become a part of the way I go through the world as well as becoming a Certified teacher of a body of work called The Art of Feminine Presence.

What are your favorite sacred feminine rituals?

My favorite Sacred Feminine Rituals are a Womb Meditation that I do daily it gets me grounded, centered and of so yummy so that my actions are done from a uniquely Feminine space instead of Fight or Flight. Also, I have an Orgasmic Practice that my Beloved and I do together (also daily) – it is a wonderful exercise in receiving and pleasure. My Moon time practices are also favorites – they include being still and silent on day one, and journaling, eating chocolate and drinking red wine.

How else do you embody being a Sovereign Goddess?

I believe that being a Goddess is a state of mind. There are thousands of Goddesses (and a number on my Pantheon). Some are nurturing, some are fierce, some are healers, some destroyers, some are sexy, some are chaste. Each has her own set of Powers and Skills, each are needful in their season. For me embodying the Goddess is about embracing my changeable nature as Sacred. All of it. Even the bitchy, whiny, lazy parts. All of it Sacred. All of it Divine. All of it mine.

What was your inspiration for A Beautiful Life?

There are so many beautiful souls in the world. I truly see beauty everywhere. I will say that I am deeply inspired by my Beloved Husband. There is just something about Him that sparks the Divine in me in unusual ways. His sense of adventure. His comfort with himself. His freedom to go and do and be exactly as he desires to in any moment. I believe the “freedom to…” is the greatest beauty there is and being with him on this journey together experiencing how he celebrates and honors my “me-ness” even when it’s a mess – that’s bee life changing. I love him yes, but I am also inspired by him.

Tell us about the free gift you wish to share with our community.

I’d love to share my Soul Satisfaction ebook with your Readers! It’s a collection of inspiring quotes, motivating mantra’s, excavating journal prompts and energizing exercises designed to bring you face to face with your highest Truth and introduce you to your Authentic Self creating a Satisfied Soul.Your soul deserves a rest from the demands placed on it, an opportunity to relax and breathe. An honoring. Includes 7 weekly lessons,Soul inspiring exercises, Journal prompts, Affirmations. It can be found here: www.richardandnamaste.com

Namaste Moore’s Bio

Evocoteur. Femininity Expert. Ecstasy Educator. Namaste Moore is the Founder of “SOFT” – The School of Feminine Transformation and the Creator of “Occupy The Feminine” a movement of women choosing to consciously occupy their Feminine Essence. She is a Public Speaker, Educator and Coach using her unique gifts, juicy insight and humor to inspire transformation. A wife and mother of 8 she is also a Reiki Master, Law of Attraction Practitioner, and WisdomKeeper for Women’s Mysteries. Namaste’s gift is in being a Catalyst for the actualization of your Essence in a way that soothes the soul and nourishes your being, pleasurably and ecstatically. She teaches you to Live. Love. Lush and Fearless.

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