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Teri Griffin Williams – Soul-cial Connector

Welcome to this months Transformation Goddess – Divine Feminine Spotlight. The intention of The Divine Feminine Spotlight is to share transformational stories of women who have learned to walk in beauty, with the strength, courage, and pleasure of claiming their feminine sovereignty.

Today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Teri Griffin Williams. Teri is a “Soul-cial Connector”and Visionary who shares her energy healing techniques as a Shamanic Reiki Practitioner. She’s a mama, wife, healer and entrepreneur who is lovingly known as the “Bliss Lady!”

Divine Feminine Spotlight interviews are approximately 30 minutes in length and can be enjoyed here, or easily downloaded to your mp3 player from iTunes. If you don’t see the link or audio player below, please listen via iTunes.

DFS with Teri Williams

 What we focus on multiplies!” – Teri Griffin Williams

Here is a brief synopsis of our conversation. Please do make time to listen to our podcast to experience the full energetic connection of our conversation.

Tell us about a personal transformation you’ve experienced in the last 12 months that has transformed your life.

It seems as if there has been a significant transformation every couple of months for me this last year. The two that come to mind have been life changing for me.

First – my husband and I had been house hunting for over a year. Now, my favorite line is “what we focus on multiplies.” I’d said numerous times, I do not want a hoarder’s house. (Well, unbeknownst to us, that’s exactly what we got. We had to completely redo everything, including rooms, electrical, venting, etc. Up until a week before we moved in, I wasn’t sure we could move in. Then someone shared with me some very personal details about the previous owner’s house and my whole position changed. It dawned on me that I was NOT practicing what I preached. In fact, I was being extremely judgmental and lacking in compassion around all hoarder homes and their occupants. The previous owner had experienced a tragic event that left her in a state of despair, feeling isolated and alone. I didn’t see that! We finally got the house to where I could comfortably move in – more importantly I became acutely aware that hoarders are suffering. I now offer them more kindness and compassion. AND I was afforded a huge validation of what we focus on multiplies… For anyone out there that is suffering, I have a whole host of mental health professionals I can recommend. Email me and  I can support you with Energy work.

Secondly: For almost 20 years I have privately practiced various methods of energy work for my friends and family – shamanic, reiki, divine healing, pranic, etc… My husband calls my practice the many faces of Teri…This year I finally stepped into that aspect of my life, completely – I guess you could say I put the OPEN sign on. Through my website I offer sessions in Shamanic Reiki, both in person and at a distance. That has been the most incredible shift – for me and my clients.

I have seen the most profound healing take place, emotionally and physically, in humans and animals. My favorite piece of it all is teaching my technique to others so they can use it in their own lives for healing, stress relief, energy shifting and more.

Of course, one can include energy techniques in business, as well. Every day I include some type of energy shift work with my own business and with clients, maybe as simple as setting a clear intention for what I see transpiring at a meeting. One of my clients has labeled me “The Business Shaman.”

What are your favorite sacred feminine rituals?

I begin each day with a deep connection to the divine. That includes a gratitude/love blessing that reaches out to the cosmos, beginning with myself.

This is a prayer from Sandra Ingerman’s “Awakening to the Spirit World” that I repeat often:

First thing in the morning, go outside and practice blessing the sky, the Earth, the trees, or whatever elements are most visible.

Then go on to bless your family, your colleagues, your students, your teachers, and all of their communities as well. Bless all their relations and on and on until everything and everyone has been included. Bless Spirit and don’t forget to bless yourself.  Now experience how you feel. Do you feel more expansive, more powerful, more happy, more on the right path? This is the true shamanic way, and the way of the visionary.

Additionally, in the morning, and periodically throughout the day, I will light candles, particularly Quan (Kwan) Yin Candles. For me Quan Yin represents compassion and mercy; two things we often neglect to show ourselves. I also cleanse the space with the sound of a Tibetan bowl or tin shaw bells.

How else do you embody being a sovereign Goddess?

Two things that come to mind are:

1. Allowing myself to experience “me time”. By that I mean not feeling guilty if I want to be alone, or do something just for me. As mom’s, wives, lovers, business owners we get so wrapped up in everything else that sometimes we neglect who we are – sacred, unique – individual souls.

2. Every day I do something that makes ME happy, something to pamper me…It can show up in the smallest of ways, like a leisurely walk in nature or a piece of BLISS chocolate and it can show up in big ways, like a massage or retreat.

What was your inspiration for soul-cial living?

That’s not an easy answer. Several years ago I was introduced to energy work. My son had been injured in an accident. The doctors said he would never gain full mobility of his arm again. Shortly after that, I met someone who practiced energy healing – divine healing – He worked on my son. A few weeks later, when the cast came off, the doctor said it was a miracle; my son’s arm was healed. It sent me on a quest to learn all I could about energy work and shamanic teachings.

Additionally, I became a single mom. I knew I would be the one mainly responsible for taking care of my children financially. I left corporate America and founded 3 new businesses and, at the same time, took a vow of sobriety. I needed to do that for my children, for my daughter and for women everywhere – to be an example of how when we live our own truth, our soul’s calling, we can do anything.

Tell us how our readers/ listeners can connect with you and claim a free copy of your Soul-cial Solutions Guide.

My new site, terigriffinwilliams.com, brings all of my work together in one place. Click HERE to download a free copy of my “Soul-cial Soulutions Guide” and the Sacred Space Journey Meditation. It’s all free – I won’t ask you to join me list, it’s just there. However, if you do want to receive updates from me periodically, click the “Get Soulcial” link at the top of the page.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

YES! Don’t be afraid to be who you are. Feel the fear and do it anyway. A long time ago I was afraid to speak in front of a crowd. At one point, I was forced to. I’m so glad I did – if I would have let it continue to hold me back, I wouldn’t’ be here today. In fact, I wouldn’t be on the radio – you are ALL welcome to tune in to my show, Soulful Living on Empoweradio.com

Thank you Shann for inviting me to be featured in this month’s Divine Feminine Spotlight. Thank you ALL for listening and choosing to be here at this incredible time on our planet.

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Teri Griffin


Teri Williams is a “Soul-cial Connector”and Visionary at TeriGriffinWilliams.com She is the host of Soulful Living on Empower Radio and shares her energy healing techniques as a Shamanic Reiki Practitioner. Get SOUL-CIAL at TeriGriffinWilliams.com

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