Getting Real About Having It AllMy good friend and publisher, Linda Joy introduced me to author, Megan Dalla-Camina a few months ago. Linda knew that Megan’s story would be supportive for the women who read our blog and book reviews.  She was right! I resonated with this book so much. Megan and I have loads in common. We both walked away from high-powered six-figure corporate careers, burn-out, stress and unhealthy lifestyles to heal and live life on our own terms.

Getting Real About Having it All is an excellent read for every woman who has ever thought it impossible to build and maintain a successful career, fulfilling personal life, abundant health and happiness.

With a series of effective exercises that follow each chapter, Megan challenges us to bring out our personal best so that we make decisions from a place of personal knowing, strength and integrity.

If you think you have to kill yourself to
have it all, you couldn’t be more wrong.

One of the things I love most about Getting Real About Having it All is the way that Megan shares her personal story. She has a gift of connecting with her readers in a transparent and easy going way. When I finished reading the book, I felt like Megan had become a dear friend I could enjoy a laugh with.

If you want to achieve success in your life without sacrificing your health & wellness in the process, this book will help you get some clarity. I recommend this book to any woman who has made significant personal sacrifices to enjoy a successful career and is ready to put herself at the front of the line.

“You have to get clear and really honest about what you want. To sit down and get honest about yourself. To say how you want to work, how you want to live, and put some boundaries around that.”
– Megan Dalla-Comina

This book asks you to decide what ‘Having it all’ means for you, and then provides you with practical steps to get you on the path to achieving what you really want. Megan and I have changed our lives for the better and you can too. You can live the dream and be kind to your mind, body and soul.

Read more about Megan and claim the first chapter of Getting Real About Having It All at


megan-dalla-camina-sltm-Lg-1Megan Dalla-Camina is a strategist, coach, author and speaker on women, leadership and wellbeing. Having worked in the international business environment for the past 20 years, she has driven strategies for multi-billion dollar corporations in Australia, Asia and the US in the areas of business strategy, marketing, gender diversity, leadership development, organizational culture and change management. She shares her depth of knowledge and insight in humorous and engaging ways, and she always keeps it real.

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Shann Vander Leek

Shann is a Transformational Leader, Award-Winning Podcaster, Best-Selling Author, Voice Over Talent, Podcast Coach, and Producer. She lives in the village of Suttons Bay, Michigan with her beloved husband and mouthy old cat. This Goddess Shines!

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  • Shann Jul 23, 2014, 9:09 am

    Sweet Megan,
    Thank you for sharing “Getting Real About Having It All” with women around the world. You have a gift of connecting with your readers in a transparent and easy going way. When I finished reading your book, I felt like I could easily meet you for tea and enjoy some laughs about our corporate experiences and how much we’ve changed since putting ourselves at the front of the line.
    Big LOVE to you. xx Shann
    P.S. Congratulations on your partnership with HayHouse!

  • Shelley Lundquist (@letmemoveyou) Jul 23, 2014, 9:24 am

    Thanks so much for sharing this post and this book. I look forward to reading it!

    And you’re so right… we don;t have to kill ourselves to have it all.
    I discovered that by honouring who i am and taking action from within, has allowed me to tap into the flow of living and of abundance.

  • Brandy Schuster Jul 23, 2014, 3:21 pm

    I hold dear the vision of having it all and what that means for me in living a full life of authentic abundance and joy. Daily reminders that I already have everything I need and am already living happiness helps this manifest as my reality. One thing you mentioned that I have been embracing lately is the creating boundries part. Saying no to perfectly good oportunities that just dont feel right has been showing up lately. I am telling myself that it is making space for the right oportunities in my life. Your post is a great reminder of the fruits of this inner and outer work. Thank you and I will be checking out the book.

    A big hug,

  • Peggy Nolan Jul 23, 2014, 9:54 pm

    You can have it all…just not all at once…

    Remember that perfume commercial in the 1970’s, “she can bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan and never let you forget that you are a man…because she’s a wooooman…enjoli…” I grew up with that message and it’s complete horse poo. The truth is, I don’t want it all. I like my job (no, I haven’t left corporate America), it’s not super stressful, I can still write and teach yoga and go on vacation. I’m a firm believer in imposing my terms upon life and setting up clear boundaries on what I will and will not do. Anyway, I’m not sure if this is making very much sense…it’s late and I’m running out of brain power 🙂