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Welcome to Goddess Card Monday!

I love beginning each week with a new goddess card message to inform the week ahead. Want to join me? This week I drew cards from my Energy Oracle Cards deck by Sandra Anne Taylor?

If you are called to choose a card, go for it! Click on the read more link to see which card you chose and receive a free goddess card message.

The left card is #1. The middle card is #2. The right card is #3.

Goddess Card Monday


Your Sacred Reveal!

Goddess Card Monday #TransformationGoddess

1) Second Chakra Archangel Ariel – Intimacy and Creativity

Ariel sends a bright orange energy, promoting inspired creativity and greater comfort with intimacy. Get Creative. Let yourself reach out into unexplored areas of self-expression and new projects that may have a more creative approach. Now is also the time to open yourself to the emotional intimacy that may be coming your way.

 Angel of Balance – Being Centered and Self-honoring

This being holds a pitcher of liquid light in front of the pyramids, reminding you that a strong destiny relies on a solid foundation of personal balance and emotional equanimity. Greater equilibrium is on its way into your life. Remain conscious of how you are balancing your physical and emotional energy.

 Man Holding a Coin – Male Connection in money, health or value

This card shows a man sitting a lushly flowering field holding a large gold coin. This could indicate that greater success is on the way to you when you take control of your own finances. This card could signify a new financial advisor or healer coming into your life who will offer sage advice for your consideration. This card could also signify a new love interest with a wealthy man or a man from work.


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  • Barbara Martello Jun 13, 2016, 11:16 pm

    I’m coming into money. GREEEAT!!! Thanks!!!!

  • Marla Jun 14, 2016, 11:20 am

    I picked only one card today. 🙂 #3, and it’s in total synchronicity with my Monday! Thank you Shann~~