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I’ve interviewed and compiled 16 of the most popular Goddess Talk Sessions’ conversations over the last 3 years with feminine visionaries, artists, coaches, and teachers, to dive deep into their personal experience and share how they have reclaimed their feminine voices and learned to Walk in Beauty.

Transformation Goddess MandalaMany of us …including me… have been emotionally tapped out and closed off to our feminine voices. We’ve searched for the answers in relation to our voicemagic, creativity, body consciousness, pleasure, sacred healing, nutrition, health, happiness, abundance, business, relationships, and self-care.

My greatest transformation came when I got out of my own way and asked for support from other women.

Circling up soul sisters, wild women and spiritual guides made all of the difference. In the Best of the Goddess Talk Sessions, we bring you the wisdom, resonance, and inspiration to support you to speak your truth, walk in beauty, and rock your goddess life!

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Featured Transformation Goddesses


Lisa Adams, Lori A. Andrus, Crystal Andrus Morrisette, Chameli Ardagh. C. Ara Campbell, Kristine Carlson, Megan Dalla-Camina, Lisa Fitpatrick, Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman, Danielle Dulsky, Tanya Markul, Jennifer Mizel, Diana Odette Beaulieu, Lucinda Rae, Dr. Debra Reble, and Kendra Thornbury.


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Praise from Registrants

Sending gratitude for your lovely series.  So much integrity and intimate truth sharing. I really resonated with the consistency of the order that wove between the dialogues that allowed them to have deeper meaning in the design by the common thread. All the best. -Denise

I just want to tell you how wonderful the Goddess Talk Sessions are. Not only do they provide a soulful support system, but they are also filled with so many tools and resources. I hope tons of us connect with others in the group/community and develop several life long relationships. Thank you Shann, for all that you do. – Anna

“This gift of your Goddess Talk Sessions has touched my soul immensely. Your level of engagement – oh my!  And your own level of connectedness with each conversation was perfection. I am at an “amazing” crossroads In my own path and it is such a gift that  I discovered these sessions at this point in time. I appreciate all that you have put into creating this event.” – Jean

“Shann, Your emphasis on walking in beauty has awakened me to the central place beauty has had in my being. I am actively reclaiming my love and passion for beauty as one of my gifts, teachers and healing agents in my life. Thank you.” – Susan

“Thanks so much for this series; I have to say it went about as deep as it gets. You really packed these sessions with such juiciness! Thanks for all the effort you put into the interview process and questions you asked your guests. It was truly an enlightening experience.” -Angela

I am over the moon to bring you feminine wisdom and real conversations to help you speak your truth and walk in beauty.


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