Today, it’s my pleasure to share an interview with Annie Wilson, the author of Goddess Walking.

Annie walks her readers through intimate stories of abandonment, betrayal, and forgiveness. I was moved to tears by all she’s overcome; including the courage to create a life full of beauty and grace, after so much suffering.  Annie revels in her connection to the Goddess within and honors the women who’ve influenced and inspired her on her Goddess journey. This Goddess shines!


If you want to awaken the goddess within you, read this book!
-Shann Vander Leek

What was your inspiration for writing Goddess Walking?

There are three main pillars of truth to my inspirations behind writing “Goddess Walking”.

The first inspiration was that I needed to forgive my mother for walking out and leaving me and my family when I was only five years old.

Throughout the process of writing this book, I kept an open heart especially when I journeyed through the picture I had of my mother’s life. I managed to see how hard her journey had been. I managed to find truth, love and compassion for my mother who felt as though had no other choice but to run.

I was driven by pure love for myself to find within my heart love and forgiveness for my mother, which I have gladly achieved.

When I began the journey of forgiveness for my mother, I discovered that she had been let down by the matriarchs of the family. By that lack of support, it then had a domino effect running down through to all the females and even sons of the family. This made more determined to forgive my who had been let down and not supported, this also made me even more determined to love her and to completely bring her back into my heart and support her.

The second inspiration for the book was a deep pull within my soul and a knowing that I have the job to be the one to stand up and say ‘NO’.

I was inspired by the survivors both male and female from my family. I wanted to put their feelings of confusion, disappointments and of being constantly let down and lied to by those who should have been loving and trustworthy at ease.

I wanted to shine a light on those responsible and make them accountable for their actions.

I was sexually abused by a family member, and for many years I was ignored by other family members and lead to believe that it was ‘a normal’ thing to have happened. Sexual abuse is not normal, it is not a loving act and it is not right! And I need to let the world know this fact.

Unfortunately, the story of ‘Goddess Walking’ has been edited quite heavily for legal reasons, though my initial inspiration of getting to the core of my truth all stills stands.

The third inspiration for Goddess Walking is that I have known for a long time that that from my experiences I can help people heal. I needed a formula for what it was I was doing with my clients and for the people who would randomly open up to me and need help.

Goddess Walking is my formula.

She is how I pull myself out of the heavy clouds.

She is the only way for me to be able to be this happy, functional, sexual, sensual, loving, caring, kind person.

I am inspired to share my gifts so those who have travelled a similar path may have a map and a simple reference to read and use as they need.

What do you love most about sharing your new book with the world?

I am crazily excited about the fact that Goddess Walking is available to the world because she will, and has already helped, people feel comfort and to connect with themselves. Because they now have a book to turn to that is easy, simple, kind and open for them to reference and use when in need.

What teachings will women come away with after reading your book?

Goddess Walking offers you gifted life skills on how to live with deep love and compassion for yourself and for those (who you want to keep) within your circles.

Goddess Walking is a no-nonsense easy guidebook to living life away from and in control of stress.

Goddess Walking offers you the chance to live a life not being attached to abuse.

Goddess Walking will gently walk you through soft steps of having Faith, feeling full gratitude and owning your life through your own choices.

Goddess Walking will help you heal old wounds and process the new wounds before they become scars.

And finally, Goddess Walking will help you become the sensual, sexual Goddess your heart desires.

Tell us about the women you love to serve?

I can’t even begin to tell you how much joy I have when I am serving women with this work.

The women I love to serve are ready!

They are ready to feel more, to love themselves more, to speak up for themselves and their sisters when needed. They are ready to speak their truths.

They allow themselves to be vulnerable, open-hearted, sweet and kind to themselves and their sisters.

The women I love to serve, really want to help themselves.

The women I love to serve stand up for other women, support them and never bring them down.

Where can our circle buy a copy of Goddess Walking? or to my web page that has a secure PayPal option

I’m currently working with my publisher to get the book distributed in the USA.

Now that you’ve birthed your book, what are you focusing on?

Shann, it has been such a rush of energy and excitement since my publisher took me on and with Christmas upon us, the hype and buzz have the potential to be almost too much!

After my official book launch, I am going “underground” for the Christmas break. There will be lots of beach time with my dogs, good food and plenty of sensual, fun play with my hubby. ‘Yes’ I do practice what I preach.

‘What I will be focusing on until the new year begins is: allowing, breathing, trusting, and practising patience with a fully opened heart that ‘Goddess Walking’ will reach the people that she needs to reach. I absolutely want this book to help as many women as possible.

I am really not sure what is in store next, though I can tell you that I have handed it over to god, and I have faith that she will present my next tasks clearly.

About The Author
Annie shares her journey of understanding and acknowledging, the need for women to stick together in support of each other and the importance of this with our mothers and motherhood.

She offers simple steps, exercises, and tools that she has used to empower the Goddess within. Her goal is to create a revolution and revival of women in every corner of the world and arouse the Goddess that lies dormant beneath their sleeping hearts.

About Shann Vander Leek

Shann Vander Leek

Shann is a Transformational Leader, Award-Winning Podcaster, Best-Selling Author, Voice Over Talent, Podcast Coach, and Producer. She lives in the village of Suttons Bay, Michigan with her beloved husband and mouthy old cat. This Goddess Shines!

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    What a beautiful story of courage and hope. Thanks for sharing it.