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My dear friend and soul sister Lisa Fitzpatrick kicks off the Transformation Goddess Summer Writing Series featuring several of the women who will be speaking at the 2nd Annual Goddess Talk Sessions Global Event this September. Enjoy!  


There is a salient call in many parts of the world right now. It is a call that is echoing in the hearts of women everywhere. The Dalai Lama said, ‘the world will be saved by the Western Woman.’ Dr. Oscar Serrallach nailed it on the stage of the 2014 Uplift Festival in Byron Bay when he said, ‘the world will be saved by mothers.’

The world has reached a time where feminine wisdom is so needed to rebalance and address the dysfunctional bias towards patriarchal ways of being. Notice how the patriarchal structures of finance, politics, law and commerce are in trouble right now. Mother earth is groaning and suffering under the weight of a dominant paradigm which honours logic and denies intuition. The body’s innate wisdom has been rejected in favour of a linear viewpoint which is dissociated and dissected from the whole story. The competitive, scientifically proven, masculine mainstream approach to life has also rejected the value of spontaneous, creative, sensual, playful and collaborative feminine ways of being which has cost the human race dearly. Both men and women are suffering from an epidemic of stress, overwhelm, depression, anxiety and auto-immune diseases as the vitality and life-force of the feminine has been suppressed.

Never before have we had greater access to information about sustainability in this ‘Age of Information’. Yet never before has the human race been in so much trouble and in so much overwhelm. We are failing to action the knowledge that we have to make the world a better and more harmonious place to live. We may have read all the self-help books but have failed to embody the information and put it into real action. A major shift is required to move us from the ‘Age of Information’ to the ‘Age of Transformation’ which is an embodied state of knowing where information has been processed until it becomes a felt experience, embodied to the point of being moored in the fibres of our being and our actions.

So how do we go about embracing a feminine shift where we embody information and then consciously action it. Firstly, it is less a case of us needing to do anything and more a case of needing to be still enough to receive the truth before acting in consciously creative ways to honour that truth fearlessly. The best way to restore the balance of power and equality  is for more and more people to press pause, consciously consider their next steps and move into sacred activism where-by wisdom is enacted as a felt, embodied experience.

A feminine shift is a shift towards a more internally focused way of being where the deep bone wisdom of intuition can be accessed and put into motion. Masculine energy is an externally focussed one, always looking outwards towards appearances, acquisition and material gain. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with desiring or acquiring nice possessions, the feminine impulse is an inward focussed energy so its power is accessible no matter what your external circumstances may be. In the feminine sense, having it all means being able to activate desirable qualities such as contentment, playfulness, ease, vitality and balance from within. It is completely independent of the type of house you live in or the car you drive or the titles and degrees you carry.  In a feminine shift, having it all is absolutely possible for all beings. It’s a glorious state of freedom and spaciousness that understands that everything is available from within oneself, and there is no need to seek external gratification.

We are living in an interesting time, where women are feeling called to move in the direction of their dreams. They are sensing that their time to rise has come and instead of feeling exhausted, they’re feeling energised at the thought of giving their gifts to the world.  In history, women were put to death, burnt at the stake and seen as heretics when they tapped into their innate intuitive wisdom. No longer is it unsafe or life-threatening for women to declare, exercise and speak the wisdom of their intuition so more and more women are choosing to express themselves more truthfully.

To embody a feminine shift which will support true wisdom to activate in your life, the following five factors must be present.

1. consciously slow your life right down and engage in the activities of your life mindfully and purposefully

2. spend time immersed in stillness and connect with the body daily

3. regularly practice mind-body medicine such as yoga, meditation, tai chi or conscious movement therapy of that nature

4. understand where intuition resides in your body. The gut-brain has more nerve cells than the whole spinal cord. Your intuition sits right in the centre of your pelvis. Ironically, this is a place of power that many women have abandoned. Connect to your belly breath to ensure you are re-inhabiting this place of power in your body.

5. check in with your inner guidance first before consulting the opinions of others. When something is right or true, it will feel lighter in the body. When something is out of alignment, it will feel heavy in the body. Trust that your own answers are often more accurate and true for you than the opinions of others.

When conscious women succeed in creating a feminine shift towards greater autonomy and power in their lives, the ripple effects are huge. They are going to be the ones who find ways of redistributing resources to other conscious businesses, towards equality and ecologically-friendly choices. They’re also most likely to redistribute the world’s wealth to areas where people are most marginalised. They are the first to support disadvantaged mothers and children. They are also more likely to address the age-old issues of poverty, human rights, women’s rights and equality for all. Imagine what the world would look like when more women like you awaken and rise to the glorious power of self-determination that you hold inside your body.

KNP_4954Lisa Fitzpatrick is the go-to coach for high-achieving, spiritual, entrepreneurial women who would like to gain greater visibility both online and offline and share their message with a wider audience. She is a specialist in sustainable business practices. As a best-selling author and founder of Sacred Women’s Business, Lisa believes that when women tap into their feminine wisdom, the feminine shift restores balance and equality and helps to heal our troubled world. Lisa is a certified coach, experienced speaker, writer, yoga teacher, workshop facilitator, registered physiotherapist and mother. She lives in a subtropical paradise near Byron Bay with her two sons.

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  • Debbie S. Aug 19, 2016, 6:43 pm

    What a wonderful and beautifully said message that is so true. We must reclaim our feminine power. Thank you for sharing this.