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My friend, Puja Madan makes this week’s contribution to the Transformation Goddess Summer Writing Series. This series is comprised of articles written by several of the women who will be speaking at the 2nd Annual Goddess Talk Sessions Global Event later this month. Enjoy reading How to Hone Your Intuition.


Our intuition is a constant companion, offering loving guidance that is of great benefit to us.

Women ask me how to hone their intuition. They tell me they can’t always distinguish between their intuition and just plain mind-chatter.

That is normal. We weren’t raised to trust our intuition. Its voice may have become faint and timid over the years.

In order to bring it back, we must feed it – with life, with energy, and with attention.

What we give energy to will inevitably expand.

Everything else becomes background noise except for this inner guide, steering us in the right direction – cutting through the clutter and helping us see things for what they are, both in our inner and outer worlds.

Intuition simplifies things.

It saves us time and energy and keeps us from feeling overwhelmed.

We just know. Foods, relationships, projects, investments, and so forth.

Phew! What a relief when we don’t have to figure it all by ourselves.

So how can distinguish between intuition, fear-based thoughts, and general mind-chatter? Without a heightened sense of awareness we don’t always know whether this guidance is for our (and everyone else’s) higher good or just plain B.S.

Here are some helpful ways to sharpen your intuitive voice:

1. Acknowledge the little whispers

Make it a point of being aware of ideas, flashes of inspiration, and intuitive feelings about day-to-day things that come to you. It could be the simplest things:

“Call mom”

“Drink more water”

“Avoid I-5″

Don’t dismiss these flashes as “nothing”. Pause and say to yourself, “this is my intuition”. Spend a few moments seeing it, acknowledging it, and then offering gratitude for it.

Feed it. And it will grow.

2. Listen to your body

Intuitive feelings often come accompanied with physical sensations and other sensory experiences. A sense of stillness and silence all around, or a feeling of relaxation, peace, expansiveness and lightness in the body is an indication that your intuition is speaking. On the other hand, if your body feels tight, tense or uncomfortable chances are that you’re responding to a learned fear or mind-chatter.

3. Spend time in nature

Have you noticed how birds land effortlessly onto branches or wires? Do you think the whole time they’re churning out time, distance and speed algorithms in their heads to get the perfect landing? No. They just know. So do you. There is an inherent intelligence guiding the plant and animal world that allows them to create, live and thrive. When we spend time in nature we can get out of our mind and access this higher intelligence and wisdom.

Intuition functions in a quantum leap. It has no methodological process. It simply knows things. 

4. Honor your emotions

Our emotions offer a pathway to our intuition. The areas in our brain that process emotions are also the same that develop our intuitive capability. If we don’t embrace and process our emotions completely we are cut-off from our supply of the precious gift of intuition. This is our nature. I talk more about the connection between our emotions and our intuition in video #3 of the Stress Less Love More video course. Get it here. It’s free.

6. Meditate and practice mindfulness (present moment awareness)

Ultimately our intuition is accessed when we move from our head to our heart and finally into a state of oneness where everything and everyone is connected. All the recommendations above bring us to a state of heightened awareness where we get out of our own way and allow something greater to commune with us. A daily meditation practice and the resultant experience of mindfulness will help you develop your intuition faster and stronger.

The more we feed our intuition with these practices, the louder and clearer its voice.

Until our intuition is all we hear…


About Puja Madan

Puja MadanPuja Madan, author, speaker, and leadership coach is the secret weapon to hundreds of heart-and-spirit-centered women entrepreneurs enjoying more flexibility and freedom in their life and business.

Her qualifications include an MBA, 8 years in tech startups, certification in health coaching and 12+ years of meditation and spiritual development from India, where she was born and raised. She is the best-selling co-author of Unleash Your Inner Magnificence and 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul. Puja is one of our featured guests at the 2nd Annual Goddess Talk Sessions Global Event.  Join us and get to know her better.

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Shann Vander Leek

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