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The Soulmate Lover: A Guide to Passionate and Lasting Love, Sex, and Intimacy

Every month I have the honor of spotlighting a brand new book that I think will resonate with you and the women who gather here for sacred exploration. This month it’s my pleasure to share a behind the scenes interview with Mali Apple, coauthor of The Soulmate Lover.

If you’ve ever felt like there is more to sexuality than you’ve been experiencing, you will want to read this interview and get a copy of this book!

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The Soulmate Lover is a groundbreaking guide to intimacy that will show you how to create and sustain a connected, compelling, and truly passionate relationship with your partner.

The authors did a lovely job of guiding the reader into thoughtful, considerate and transformative practices that will improve, deepen and strengthen your relationship with your partner and with yourself.

You will find Chapters such as…

Connecting with Your Sexual Energy and Opening Up to Your Orgasmic Potential will have you feeling more comfortable in your body and more confident in your sexuality.

Seduction, Intimacy, and Keeping the Spark Alive shows singles how to attract a partner who is ready for a deeply intimate relationship and couples how to continually energize their sexual connection.

The Power of Invitation gives you a simple yet life-changing skill for fulfilling your desires while simultaneously increasing love and intimacy.

The Soulmate Lover meets you wherever you are in your life…Whether you’re in a life-long partnership or looking to meet a new lover. You may have some major emotional healing to do, or perhaps you just want a deeper connection with the people you love.

Intrigued? Read on…

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Transformation Goddess Interviews
Award Winning Author, Mali Apple


What was your inspiration for writingThe Soulmate Lover?

When Joe and I met eleven years ago, we immediately began a conversation about love, life, relationships, and spirituality—a conversation that has continued to this day. I couldn’t imagine letting our ideas just slip away, so I took notes on our conversations right from the start.

We eventually realized that our own relationship was something quite special: we are honestly as connected as I can imagine two people can be. We realized that we could just keep enjoying this very special connection for as long as we lived—or we could write about what was making it possible in order to help others have their own “soulmate experiences.” We spent the next four years going even deeper into our ideas, sharing our discoveries with others, and putting it all together in a book we called The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships.

In the four years since that book was published, we’ve coached people around the world in applying our ideas to their own lives and relationships. Their questions about how to keep their sexual relationships passionate and compelling led us to new answers—and to this sequel.

What do you love most about birthing your book to the world?

My most influential teachers have been books. Having been a nonfiction book editor for over two decades before becoming an author, I simply think in books. There’s something about holding a volume of wisdom in your hands, being able to turn to it whenever you could use inspiration, that makes me feel warm and safe and supported. So being able to share, through our own books, what we’ve discovered about love, passion, happiness, and connection is just a joy!

What lessons will women come away with after reading your book?

For one, that our bodies are here to be loved, cherished, honored, and enjoyed—just as they are. That we can fully own both our feminine and our masculine energies and, in so doing, come into our full potential as human beings. That our natural aging process is something we can embrace and allow to contribute to our experience rather than detract from it. That there is so much we can heal through our sexual connection. That love, intimacy, and passion are boundless. And that there may well be more paths to our own pleasure than we’ve been imagining!

What is your heart message and how does it help women?

Intimate, sexual, passionate connection involves all aspects of our beings, not just our bodies—and certainly not just our genitals! So much of what we women are already more open to, such as the languages of the heart, intuition, and the like, are essential to deep, lasting intimacy—and they are available to everyone. So one of the topics we go deeply into in this book is how to invite one’s partner to open up and deepen our connection—not only on a sexual level, but on every level.

How are you uniquely qualified to teach and serve women?

Writing and coaching together with Joe actually helps me immensely in my own work with women, because of having access to such a thoughtful and intuitive male’s perspective.

What is the most difficult obstacle you’ve experienced and overcome?

I grew up in a family consumed by fear in all its forms: anger, suspicion, jealousy, rage, and resentment were our daily fare. I don’t recall ever hearing the word “love” being used in my household. When I left home at 19, I was on a mission to find another way to do this thing called “family” and “relationship.” I read and studied and traveled and read some more. Eventually I began my own spiritual group, a group that met weekly for seven years, to continue exploring these questions and ideas more deeply. When I met Joe, everything came together. It is very clear to me now that my childhood experiences, and my desire to overcome them, are precisely what led me to be ready for such an amazing, soul-deep connection with another human being.

Now that you’ve birthed your second book, what are you focusing on?

At some point during the writing of The Soulmate Experience, we realized that we weren’t to write just one book, that there would be a sequel. About halfway through the creation of The Soulmate Lover, we knew that this was actually to be a three-book series. It honestly feels like we were meant to be together in this lifetime for this purpose, so it is a joy and an honor to just continue our journey together, writing, coaching, and offering workshops for singles and couples. We are truly grateful for this incredible experience!

A Love Offering From Mali & Joe

Download two free chapters from The Soulmate Lover (“Sexy Is a State of Mind” and “The Power of Invitation”) >> HERE.

About the Award Winning Authors

Mail and JoeMali Apple and her partner Joe Dunn are relationship coaches, lovers, and best friends. Their bestselling book The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships, which won a 2012 International Book Awards gold medal and a 2012 Living Now Awards silver medal, has been called “a relationship guide masterpiece” and “a catalyst for transformation in life, relationships, and self.” Their just-published book The Soulmate Lover: A Guide to Passionate and Lasting Love, Sex, and Intimacy, is the second book in a three-book series.

Purchase through Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Barnes & Noble, or any other online book retailer, or you can order it from your local bookstore.

A portion of the proceeds from The Soulmate Lover is donated to women in developing countries. With these microloans, women can establish businesses to support themselves and their families.
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  • Jacqueline Conroy Mar 25, 2015, 7:24 am

    Fabulous lessons to expand our connections with self and others through intimate loving relationships – “that our bodies are here to be loved, cherished, honored, and enjoyed—just as they are. That we can fully own both our feminine and our masculine energies and, in so doing, come into our full potential as human beings. That our natural aging process is something we can embrace and allow to contribute to our experience rather than detract from it. That there is so much we can heal through our sexual connection. That love, intimacy, and passion are boundless. And that there may well be more paths to our own pleasure than we’ve been imagining!”

    • Mali Apple Mar 25, 2015, 3:02 pm

      Jacqueline, you’re so right that expanding our connection with ourselves also expands our capacity to connect with others. We have several (quite unusual, I might add) exercises in our book for connecting with our own sexual energy. A group of wonderfully willing women tried our ideas and reported back so that we could refine them. We also include stories of these women and what the exercises did for them in terms of both their own sexuality and their intimate relationships. ♥ Thanks for reading! ~Mali

  • Peggy Mar 25, 2015, 7:32 am

    This looks like a wonderful book! I’m sure it will help many women who find themselves stuck in old patterns of behavior and thought when it comes to their bodies, love, intimacy, and what passion really means.

    • Mali Apple Mar 25, 2015, 3:12 pm

      Hello Peggy, and thank you for your note! Our first book included chapters like “Loving Your Body” and “Changing Your Mind” to help readers let go of old beliefs and patterns and embrace themselves wherever they are on their own paths. When we began this second book and started interviewing and working with more people, we realized there was even more healing to be done when it comes to opening up to our own sexual potential. It’s truly astounding how deep-seated (and almost universal) our lack of self-acceptance can be. The discussions in our new book on letting go of sexual shame and connecting with our own sexual energy, we’ve been hearing, are helping people uncover their own “shadow” areas, places where they haven’t embraced themselves, their pasts, or their own sexuality. From our own perspective, healing and sexuality not only go hand in hand, but each has the potential to contribute to the other in profound ways. ♥ Mali

  • Lisa Marie Rosati Mar 25, 2015, 8:43 am

    I am constantly looking for resources to strengthen my intimate relationship with Mike. Thank you for sharing what looks like my next read 😉

    • Mali Apple Mar 25, 2015, 3:21 pm

      Hello Lisa! Kudos to you for intentionally putting focus into maintaining and strengthening your intimate connection—that intention is perhaps the greatest insurance we can have for staving off the lack of intimacy, and even boredom, that seem to eventually descend on so many. It takes courage to open up your sexual connection by exploring new ideas, yet it can be so energizing and empowering. We’ve heard from several couples who are enjoying the book together—one even wrote us that reading it together is “great foreplay”! Sending good vibes for your own continuing erotic connection! ♥ Mali

  • Donna, Walks In Spirit Mar 25, 2015, 10:05 am

    I believe that our acknowledgement of our intuition and spiritual gifts make us shy to open ourselves up and connect in a more physical way. But the result is worth all the discomfort we my have feared.

    • Mali Apple Mar 25, 2015, 3:28 pm

      Donna, I whole-heartedly agree! Opening up to our intuition helps both men AND women to connect more deeply, on all levels. We explore this in our chapter “Accessing Your Masculine and Feminine Energies.” We hope to encourage many who may not have put much value in their more subtle senses to pay a little more attention to that inner voice. ♥ Mali

  • Jan Deelstra Mar 25, 2015, 11:54 am

    This is such a lovely unfolding of life purpose. It’s as though everything in the past led to this union as a means of blossoming for both of them, and then the union expanded to include others. It’s simply beautiful. Most impressively, the balance between feminine and masculine energies apparently has found its true center in the connection of these two. Interpersonal relationships are like garden projects that are never complete. Each requires constant care and nurturing, and it is clear that writing together is part of the glue that keeps this “garden” fertilized. Nicely tended….

    • Mali Apple Mar 25, 2015, 3:34 pm

      Jan, your words feel so perfectly true! Writing together, creating together, finding our “we” voice, has been such an incredible process—a dance of energies and words and ideas that is so uniquely rewarding. We truly do have the feeling that we were meant to be here, that everything in our lives has led us to this place and time, to be able to do this work together, and both of us feel so much gratitude for that every day. Thank you for “seeing” that! ♥ Mali

  • Andra Mar 25, 2015, 1:44 pm

    This seems like a very interesting book. I am on my own journey of leaving behind the relationship views of my childhood experience. A soul mate lover is what i hope for, and it is so heartening to read that it is possible and there are such couples out there. Most of the time i seem to move in a world where you can either be friends with a man, or be his lover, but not both. I think it must be something in the way i communicate. I attract great male friends, even very close friends, but as far as love goes i seem to be stuck attracting men who only see the physical side to a relationship. After having grown up being told all men are bastards and being taught to always be on my guard i have yet to discover how to really let go of those beliefs on the feeling planeand truely open up to a relationship. It gives me hope to see there are new materials to help me. 🙂

    • Mali Apple Mar 25, 2015, 3:43 pm

      Hello Andra, and thank you for your heart-touching honesty here. So many of us can relate to your experience. So many of us must find ways to uncover and let go of the “relationship training” we received early on—whether from our families, our societies, the media, or our past relationships—in order to be open to and create the kind of relationships we envision for ourselves. Both of our books explore ways of letting go of our past beliefs and patterns that aren’t serving us, and opening up to all the great possibilities that ARE out there. When we believe something we’ve been told like “all men are bastards” our mind will dutifully go out and continually find evidence for this belief. We will prove to ourselves time and time again that this is true. It’s wonderful to see that you realize this is just one way to view the world—and that looking through a new lens will show you entirely new possibilities for yourself! ♥ Mali

  • Mary Mar 27, 2015, 10:29 am

    You give me hope! I know my soulmate is somewhere out there. 🙂 can’t wait to read the book!

    • Shann Mar 27, 2015, 12:20 pm

      Mary, You are going to love this book! Happy Weekend! XO

  • Kimberly DuBoise Mar 29, 2015, 11:23 am

    Hi! Great article ! I love the inspiration and insight.
    I have nominated you for Very Inspiring Blogger Award.
    thanks so much!

    • Shann Apr 8, 2015, 10:05 am

      Hi Kimberly!

      Thanks for so much for your nomination! You are a love. XO – Shann

  • Mali Apple Mar 30, 2015, 3:34 pm

    Hello Kimberly! Would love to see your article—would you verify the link? ♥ Mali

  • Shann Apr 8, 2015, 10:13 am

    Congratulations to Mary Pritchard for winning a copy of Mali Apple and Joe Dunn’s fabulous book. Enjoy!! XO Shann