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I’m often asked the most important must-haves to bring in the most empowered life. I’d like to share a few of those powerful tools that will help you reclaim your voice! They have transformed my own life and I trust they will be of value to you as well. Let them be avenues to swiftly and easily guide you to a higher vibrational space at necessary points in your day. Remember, consistency is the key! Make these tools like the air you breathe or the water you drink. They are deep nourishment for your soul self.

Ask Yourself What You Want.

You must dig down deep and discern what you want! As you settle into discerning your wants, raise your expectations and ambitions of yourself. Finding and then honoring what you want is the most powerful act of self-love you could step into to bring the richest life experience!

If you’re having a hard time finding the want, it’s okay! Try asking yourself, “What is the next level for me in __________ area of my life?” Put your hand on your heart, reach deep into the soul self in you and ask the bigger questions like, “What is my calling? What makes me grin ear to ear? What moves me from deep within? Who am I? What do I stand for?”

Most important, be mindful of false influences or concerns about what people will think of you as you set forth in achieving your desires. The limitations of others are not your own! You came to live your life. If you’re living according to the thoughts, beliefs and/or expectations of others then you’re having a relationship with society and not yourself.

One final nugget: You don’t get to say “I’m not ready for my dream desire.” The time is now. No more putting it off. Years ago, while at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado amidst a professional cycling career, I sat in the company of former U.S. Olympian, Mari Holden. I was at a stuck point in my cycling career wanting so much more. I wanted to race in Europe – the most difficult terrain amongst the most talented professional racers on the planet. Yet, I had only been racing a few years. “Who was I to think I could embark on such a task so early in my career?” my own silly mind chatter about perfect timing would say. This was an endeavor for the veteran racer I told myself. Mustering up some courage, I shared my quandary with Mari. With absolute delight and surprise, she said “Go. Go now!” She felt deeply that if it was a desire in my heart to go to Europe I must honor that desire. That passion made it the right time. I gave myself permission to pursue this deep desire and within just weeks received an invitation to race in the Giro Italia – the most prestigious cycling tour in the world, something I had previously just dreamed of. In my allowing, the opportunity presented!

Set your expectations, set them high, and then the opportunity will come!

Release Blocks and Beliefs about Past Outcomes. There Are No Mistakes.

In cycling, when a rider is off the front of the peloton they are in a winning position to hopefully cross the finish line first. My coach once said to me when in this situation, “Never look back at the competition.”  He meant that even to give those behind your attention would be to invite them to catch you. I have found that advice to be really valuable in most aspects of life – looking back only slows us down, looking ahead is the way we succeed.

Do past experiences affect your forward moment? Are you feeling at peace with your choices? Do you feel like you’re second-guessing yourself regarding a decision or choice you made about your life to the extent it hinders your wants and desires? Do you feel like a choice you’ve made was a mistake? How do we take past experiences that we’ve labeled as seeming mistakes or bad choices and view them through the lens of necessary, positive and even divinely brought so that we can reclaim ourselves?

Step into your true voice and release your critical voice as you consider these questions:

Whose idea was it that it was a bad choice?

Do you really believe this was a bad choice or did someone tell you it was? Take a moment now to think of a time when you or someone you know made a choice and despite the opinions of naysayers, stuck with it. In essence, they trusted their own gut and the choice subsequently turned out perfectly fine or even better than fine.

The lesson here perhaps is that there will always be someone who will say things should have been different. Resist accepting someone else’s darker cloak about the choice unless you believe that too.

Was this the best choice you could have made at the time?

There is a good chance it was. Consider the choice of marriage at an early age that didn’t last. Often a 20-year-old doesn’t know what they might at 40 years old. Regardless, we always do the best we can at each juncture in our lives.

What’s more, you know your choice was the best one you could have made because it was the choice you made at that time. A Course in Miracles teaches that ‘’your choices are honorable because they’re your own.” Love yourself to the extent that, even if it was not the best choice, it was your choice. There is no shame in putting your best foot forward even if you feel you somehow fell a bit short. You gave it your best shot in the moment with what you had. Find peace with that knowledge.

Shift your perspective and find the ways the choice became a win.

Consider the good that has or might come about as a result of the choice. Even if you thought it was a minus at the time, ask yourself how you can turn it into a plus now. Maybe you grew from this? Nothing is entirely bad. In all good there is bad and in all bad there is good. Have a little fun and reframe the experience. Extrapolate what good came of it or what good may come of it going forward. Ask yourself, Is there is any way possible this can work in my favor?

Consider the good that has or might come about as a result of the choice. Even if you thought it was a minus at the time, ask yourself how you can turn it into a plus now. Maybe you grew from this? Nothing is entirely bad. In all good there is bad and in all bad there is good. Have a little fun and reframe the experience. Extrapolate what good came of it or what good may come of it going forward. Ask yourself, “Is there is any way possible this can work in my favor?”

Connecting to Your Soul Self with a Mantra

Are you feeling lost or not sure what to do about a particular issue? Perhaps there is a challenge of some kind at work or with family you are unsure how to resolve. Or maybe you just desire a pick-me-up in your moment?

Create space for a few moments of silence and go within. Quiet your mind and repeat the mantra, “All is well. I am loved. I am perfect as I am.”

Meditation is essential to connect you to your Infinite-Self. Accessing your higher self-brings the guidance you seek. With it comes newfound inspiration and you will find yourself harnessing those aspects of yourself that you rarely use. Most importantly, as you connect to your high self you become happier!

You and Your Heart Chakra

When you notice feelings of overwhelm and stress, when you feel pulled in many directions or when tough decisions are presenting at once, make time to tune into your heart space. Your heart space is the captain of affinity. It is the center of your deepest feeling-self, far beyond just an anatomical organ that pumps blood. Here you find ultimate peace, love, and light. Tune into it often! Try this:

In a meditative space, deep breathe for several minutes and go within. Travel behind your heart space. This is where your own unique soul signature is. Connect to this special space by just putting your attention as well as your intention here.  Breathe in and breathe out with your soul signature from here for a few minutes.

You should now feel revived, calm and able to tackle any challenge today. Use this heart space centering tool regularly to link with the source of your deepest awareness in its purest form.


Start your day with this supportive tool.

Imagine a golden divine ball of love and grace over your head. Fill this divine ball of energy with every bit of pure goodness that you can imagine. Bring in happiness, freedom, peace of mind, joy, forgiveness or even productive project energy. Add in all that you appreciate in life and anything else your heart can imagine. See this beautiful, glowing ball of wonderful energy grow bigger and bigger as you add each bit of appreciation and blessing. Reach up and poke a hole in the bottom of this wonderful bubble and let the energy of it ooze down into your body through the top of your head. Let it lovingly and warmly embrace all of you.

Use this blessing-filled bubble of light and love often. Remember, you’re the creator of your life. Life is not happening to you. The beautiful thing is, that while each of these tools creates rich and instant change in your day, others vicariously receive inspiration from you, now inspiring change they are needing in their day as well.

About Michelle Beltran

Michelle A. Beltran is a psychic medium, author, and intuitive life coach. She has become a leading international authority in the spirituality arena, specializing in psychic functioning, spiritual counseling, and mediumship. Michelle is the host of the iTunes podcast The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice. She’s also the author of the award-winning psychic development book, Take the Leap: What It Really Means to Be Psychic. Michelle was honored to be featured on Hay House Radio and invited to speak at the 2017 Hay House World Summit, the world’s largest health and wellness event.

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Shann Vander Leek

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