Beauty-Seer, Lucinda Rae makes this week’s contribution to the Transformation Goddess Summer Writing Series. This series is comprised of articles written by several of the women who will be speaking at the 2nd Annual Goddess Talk Sessions Global Event this September. I know you will enjoy reading Reverence for Beauty.


What is BEAUTY?

How do you define it?

It is so unique to each of us. I can share part of my insight from what I have experienced, yet there is not one answer, and I could contemplate the subject over the years of my life.

I’ve been told I’m a Beauty-Seer. I have been told I’m a channel of Divine Beauty. And I have been told I am “beautiful”, which tends to have all sorts of responses as a human being and our associations around it.

I’ve experienced evolving levels of healing in my issues around beauty over the course of life, which I won’t go into in this short article, and mentor others to stand in their own version of beauty unapologetically.

What a high honor to be a channel for the flow of beauty into the world in its many forms, as my life path thus far is all about it; in making paintings that express the beauty of the Divine Feminine, in my photo shoots to help women feel beautiful as the radiant light beings they are here to be and creating beautiful websites for all my clients.

Beyond my livelihood, I seek beauty in others as the children of the Divine we each are. It is beyond the limiting human flaws we only perceive from a small space.

Beauty becomes a practice all-day long in the realm of color… I’m completely in love with the realm of the rainbow. Color has always been an undulating expression of this prismatic realm we call life, and I count my blessings — and the gift of sight to be one of the most blessed — for this amazing planet we dwell, in addition to the visionary spiritual experiences we can perceive on the inner plane.

But of course, beauty is far beyond what we see.

Beauty is an expression beyond words or measurements of what many associate with the Divine Feminine and the expression of Her. In my feminine experience as a human, it has been the main doorway on my path to divinity.

Beauty furls open the petals of the heart and activates our love to see more clearly into truth.

It is an expression that we can sense in the ecstatic blessing of life when we are in full reverence to it. Beauty becomes a spiritual principle that is essential for living a pleasure-filled life expressed from the heart.

Beauty can be the sweet tears behind joy or the shimmer in the eyes that reflect the purity of being a divine being in a human body.  Beauty carries the beholder beyond its source and straight towards the merging of God.

To take it deeper, beauty is often perceived in the heartbreak, longing, or the precious sweetness of life. It can be in both the pleasure and pathos of the human experience, and can be a bridge for the duality in the experience.

Sometimes we can experience so much beauty and heart expansion it almost overwhelms the heart, brimming with the mysterious of this amazing life and beyond. We can offer this beauty up in devotion to the divine, to surrender our little piece in the vast experience of the infinite that is within us. This divine expression knows that which is beyond the humanness, beyond any limited thinking, and showers upon us in the most glorious rains… cleansing and purifying us anew each day.

Beauty is the breath of love, and this love merges into timelessness which is the truest fulfillment of that beyond which we can ever see with the eye, paint into form, or inhale deeply from the rose.

In beauty, we walk the path to taste and discover the Infinite.

Beauty Exercise #1

Spend the day looking for what you find beautiful. Really bring your intention into the focus. I am certain you will start to sense things, feel things, and see things that uplift your soul and help you feel that connection and oneness with our Creator.

I imagine you will also discover these things of beauty to have been present in your life more than you appreciated before, so this will enhance your connection to gratitude and appreciation… which makes everything more beautiful!

Beauty Exercise #2

Create something beautiful. This will be unique to you, or another’s experience. Then play with inquiry… what does this experience do for you? Did you have a spiritual experience from this? Journal for a few minutes about beauty and your experience to anchor it in a new way, and how it flows into your life as part of your spiritual path to God/dess.


Lucinda Rae

Lucinda RaeLucinda Rae is the Founder of Prosperity Branding where your life calling merges with your feminine expression and online presence. She crafts visual brands from her Brand Archetype process to create stunning websites including women’s portrait photography, artful visionary graphics coming together with strategic marketing to create an unforgettable and lucrative presence to support your spiritual leadership and legacy. Lucinda lives in a sunshiny small rural town in California, where she loves making artwork to inspire the Light Divine within, being a mother to her lively boys, devoting her life to self-mastery and growth, and expressing the beauty and love of the holy feminine within. Learn more at and be sure to join in the circle for the goddess talk sessions to catch our divine conversation.



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Shann Vander Leek

Shann is a Transformational Leader, Award-Winning Podcaster, Best-Selling Author, Voice Over Talent, Podcast Coach, and Producer. She lives in the village of Suttons Bay, Michigan with her beloved husband and mouthy old cat. This Goddess Shines!

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  • Justine Aug 19, 2016, 1:31 pm

    Wow!! 🙂 🙂 This is such a beautiful piece of writing, Lucinda!! I loved every word of it!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I am definitely going to print out a copy to save and enjoy for years to come!

  • Giselle Aug 19, 2016, 6:29 pm

    Dear Lucinda,

    Thank you for your inspired words on beauty, it is an essential quality in our lives, yet so undiscribable, I will read it again and again. With love and blessings to you,