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Stir Your Soul…

Did you know that human begins have up to 70,000 thoughts a day? Approximately 70% to 80% of those thoughts are negative, self-sabotaging and fearful.  The Mental-SELF is in constant chatter-mode.


Our thoughts come from our Mental-SELF. Our wisdom comes from our Spiritual-SELF.

The vibration from our heart chakra is an eternal pathway to a higher realm that makes us feel loved and lifts us up, allowing new possibilities to emerge. To reclaim who we really are, miracles manifest as human beings, we have to make time to commune with our Spiritual-SELF

In my new book, Hello, Beautiful,  I share forty-years of life lessons, transformational case studies and self-love breaks to expedite healing and transformation. Writing this supportive offering was the salve I needed to heal residual wounds, misconceptions, childhood traumas, life choices, and repetitive thought patterns that insured the same outcome no matter the situation and/or people involved.

Just like giving birth to my children, the plethora of emotions and feelings, the discomfort of added weight on my body, the excruciating pain of labor; these temporary impediments didn’t stop me from experiencing the miracle of childbirth. When giving birth to our creative force, whether it is writing a book, painting a picture, designing a home or planting a garden, we all experience similar highs and lows while in the process of manifesting our deepest desires.

When we pause and empty our minds, we open the pathway for grace to enter. Once we become truly conscious, we are…awake. We become aware of our creative powers. Creativity allows us to be instruments of Source; to share our unique talents with each other, and reminds us we were all born to shine with ever-flowing, all-knowing divine energy.

“To activate the full force of our authentic power, to become a beacon of light and radiate love, we have to give ourselves time and space to retreat, re-green, and re-actualize.”

Rest your mind so you may hear your spiritual-self’s whispers of wisdom. Go to those quiet spaces between your thoughts, the spaces not contaminated by jibberish, past trauma, fear and pain. Those open spaces that are available to us whenever we summon them. Light-filled multi-dimensional fields of energy are replenishing themselves constantly as a spiritually vibrating, conceptual framework.

We are a miracle created by a force so powerful, that every breath we take connects us to the essence that rises through us and we are guided to the greatness of spiritual truth.

The next time you find yourself trying to make sense of your Mental-SELF, remember, this is only part of you. Behold the light of truth. Remove the shadows of doubt and fear that keep you from being One with Spirit. Stir your soul and celebrate your breath-taking, break-throughs and bask in the knowledge of how miraculous you really are.


Victoria Feldman, is a Law of Attraction Life Coach, Published Writer & Realtor. Her authentic voice is heard regardless of what endeavor or entrepreneurial venture she is passionate about. Her new book, “Hello, Beautiful” takes on America’s epidemic of yo-yo dieting and weighty thoughts leading the reader to self discovery, self-acceptance and self-love .

Spending years attending seminars at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, Victoria’s dream is to host retreats and workshops for spiritual seekers to inspire and empower each other.


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Choosing Happiness

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