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Today it’s my honor to introduce you to the wisdom of Kim Wilborn.  Kim and I became fast friends during her Embrace the Goddess Within Telesummit. I know you will enjoy her recommendations for living a fully-expressed life. Enjoy! -Shann

The Fully-Expressed Life

If you’re like most of us, you’re living a fully-expended life, pouring all your energy into your family, your work, and your relationships. But take a moment now to take a deep breath, slowly let it out, and bring your attention to your own center. How fully-expressed do you feel?

As you go through your day, how much are you expressing the beautiful, quirky, unique being that is you? I believe that the purpose of life is to bring the energy of love into physical form. That’s really what expressing yourself is all about. Here are four steps and two keys to help you on your way to a more fully-expressed life.


Step One: Get clear about where you are, and are not, expressing yourself

Many of us find that there are parts of our lives where we tend to express ourselves more fully, and parts of life where we hold back. Give yourself some private time and sit down somewhere nice with your journal and a cup of your favorite coffee or tea. Take a deep breath, tune in to yourself, and write down the answers to the following questions.

Using a scale of 0 to 10 (0 = not at all, 10 = fully and gloriously expressing), how much are you expressing yourself in the following areas of life:

  • Your home
  • Your appearance
  • Your work
  • Your family
  • Your 4 most important relationships (rate each one separately)
  • Your leisure time

Often we find ourselves approaching the different parts of our lives in terms of being good enough, rather than with the intention of expressing who we are. You might find that the areas of life that you rated most highly are the places where you feel most alive and engaged with life—and most satisfied.


Step Two: Get to know yourself more fully

Identify the parts of your life that you go through on autopilot, and begin to bring more of your own personal style and unique “brand” to them. This may require that you start paying more attention to your own inner feelings, and withdrawing any energy that is going toward people-pleasing.

Your journal will be a big help here. Look again at your ratings for the areas of life listed above, and explore each one. Discover for yourself what’s holding you back from showing up as the real, full you in every situation.

Sometimes it’s simply a matter of not having the intention to express ourselves. But remember, you’re always expressing something. The way you do anything and everything is either an expression of the true you or an expression of some kind of fear.

Think about the way you walk, speak, and stand. Now imagine yourself expressing the real you in your walk, your speech, and your stance. Do you notice much of a difference? Or is the difference mainly in the quality of the energy you bring to walking, speaking, and even standing, when you are tuned in to your own center?

This is the first key: in order to express ourselves, we first have to connect to our true selves, and stay present with that connection.

Step Three: Recommit to what’s important to you

Go back to your journal and list 100 things that you love. This may take several minutes, but it’s worth it, so keep writing until you reach 100. For the next 100 days, use your journal to brainstorm ways that you can express each of your loves in your daily life. You may find that this often has less to do with what you are doing, and everything to do with how you are doing it, and who you are as you do it.

That’s the second key: staying in touch with who you are.

Step Four: Enlist the help of a non-physical support team

Each one of us comes into life surrounded by a team of divine supporters. These Guardians and Allies take many forms; angels, faery allies, power animals, plant and tree spirits, dolphin and whale allies, stone-beings—even sacred Beings we have believed were only mythical, such as Guardian unicorns and Guardian dragons.

These Guardian Beings are here to help support you in living your Soul Purpose, which is in complete alignment with what you love. You can create a daily, conscious relationship with your personal Guardian Team, and call forth as much help as you need. Choose a Being from those listed above, and, using the sacred power of your imagination, feel the presence of this Guardian Being in the room with you. Picture it physically at your side. Every time you do this, you raise your own vibration, bringing you more in alignment with everything you love.

Ask the Guardian Being at your side to help you know yourself, love yourself, and express yourself. Connect with your Guardians every day, asking for their help and support in everything you do, large and small. In so doing, you’ll bring more and more of your unique, beautiful energy into the world, blessing us all with the powerful energy of love that is at your core.


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Kim Wilborn is the founder of GuardianGateway.com and Womens-Transformation.com. She is a frequent telesummit host and the creator of the Guardian Gateway Show on BlogTalkRadio, where she and her guests show listeners how to connect with the high-vibrational Beings—angels, unicorns, faeries, dolphins, power animals, whales, tree and plant spirits, and more—who are guardians and supporters of our gifts and soul purpose.

To find out about upcoming free telesummits and get a free recording: “Live the Magic of Your Life Purpose with the Help of Your Guardian Team,” visit Kim at GuardianGateway.com



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  • Yiye Zhang (Intuitive Coach) Aug 14, 2013, 6:42 pm

    Wow! what a timely post!! I was just pondering about how to express myself fuller and freer, and the 4 steps approach is certainly helping me on a practical level!
    Kim and Shann! thank you both!!
    Love & light,

    • Kim Wilborn Aug 14, 2013, 7:56 pm

      Hi Yiye,
      I’m so glad! Please keep us posted about the new ways you find to express yourself!

  • Cindie Chavez Aug 15, 2013, 1:19 pm

    Wow! I enjoyed this post very much, and especially this: “The way you do anything and everything is either an expression of the true you or an expression of some kind of fear.”
    What a very very powerful statement! I am making an intention today, to express myself more fully! Thank you for this very practical and valuable post. xo

  • Kim Wilborn Aug 15, 2013, 6:23 pm

    Hi Cindie,

    I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for commenting on that particular statement. After I originally wrote it, I stopped for a moment and thought, “Wow, that’s a pretty bold statement, is that really true?” And the more I sat with it, the more I realized how true it was (even though it IS kind of shocking, when you really sit and think about it!). Please stay in touch and share your self-expressions!