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In my work as an intuitive guide, I have spoken to all kinds of people, mostly women, about who they are, deep down, and how they can better communicate their truth to others. Discussions on this topic usually start with the importance of getting comfortable with yourself about what is true for you. We are all complex, multifaceted beings who are a grand mix of many truths that come together in a unique way that may not make sense to anyone, even ourselves. So, we start with the premise that what is true for us may be surprising to others. And that’s okay!

How do you know what’s true for you? The surest way I have found is to listen to my body, and more specifically, my heart. If you begin to track what is going on in your body when you are making a decision, or are preparing to share some information that maybe feels a little edgy, you will get some clues about not only what is true, but what matters to you. Once you know what you really care about, you have access to a deeper level of inner truth. This tells you more about who you are and why you feel the way you do. Now you are becoming grounded in your truth. And that kind of grounding will support you in taking courageous action and speaking with peaceful conviction. As you speak from this place, others can receive not only your truth but the unspoken context from which it arose.

When it comes to truth, the old adage holds true. Actions speak louder than words. So, speaking truth is really a matter of your actions matching your words and your words matching your actions. When you are aligned in this way, you feel empowered. And when you speak from a place of empowerment, those listening to you feel the truth of what you’ve shared with them.

One thing I have noticed about speaking my truth is that the only time I’m concerned about speaking my truth is when I have something to say that I am afraid the other person or people don’t want to hear. After years of being afraid of rocking the boat, I began using a simple yet effective strategy.

Take a peaceful, private moment to get quiet and comfortable. Settle into your body by gently stretching and take a few deep, clarifying breaths. When you feel present and calm, see/feel/imagine your connection to your wise Higher Self aspect. When that connection feels strong, imagine the person with whom you have a conflict or concern. Now, speaking through your Higher Self aspect, speak to their Higher Self aspect. Tell them the uncensored truth of how you feel, why you feel that way, what you would like them to know, anything that you would like them to know. Pour the truth of your heart out to them. Say what you would like to say to them if you had the courage or thought they’d understand. When you feel complete, thank them for receiving your truth.

What happens is this: the person will receive your message when they are ready. It may be immediately or it could be years from now. You can rest assured that this will happen in divine timing.

For your part, though, you may feel a weight lifted from you and be guided to actually communicate with the other person in a way that feels good to you. Oftentimes, I have done this and when I spoke to the person, they were already prepared for what I had told them and were able to hear and understand more than I’d ever expected. I have resolved long-standing communication issues that seemed insurmountable, using this technique.

We are all connected. We communicate all the time, on many levels. When we choose to do this consciously, we find ourselves empowered and able to more skillfully communicate about anything that is important to us.

The Goddess of Now says we all know, deep down, what is true for us. The more you honor what is true in each moment of Now, the more gracefully your life will unfold. The biggest obstacle to living true to your self is a lack of trust in the divinity within you. Once you open to it, it can swiftly guide you back to the sweet spot of balance and harmony.

The Goddess says that one of your challenges, as a person, is to discover what is true. Humans are complex beings, with aspects of you pulling in different ways, sometimes in opposing directions. Living true ultimately means coming to terms with the parts of your self that have conflicting agendas. This is the ideal. In the meantime, check in with yourself whenever something feels less than ideal. This will help you to come back into alignment with your True North Star.

As you become more comfortable with the many truths that make up who you are, you will find that they combine to create the colorfully unique fabric of your beautiful being. You are here to experience the fullness of who you are and share your gifts with others. The world may not understand all of who you are but I guarantee you there are people you may not yet even know, who are eager to receive you and hear what you have to share.

As Goethe said, “Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.” May your path be always guided by the light of truth, shining in your heart.

About Jodi Lilly

For over 20 years, Jodi Lilly has worked as an intuitive guide, offering sessions and guided activations. She specializes in working with women in coming home to their bodies and tapping into their unique brand of intuition and creativity.

Her longtime passion for awakening the Feminine Divine opened her heart and mind to explore what might be possible with a Goddess at the helm in one’s life.

That inquiry started her journey to meet the Goddess of Now, in 2006. The story of the Goddess of Now shines a light on the story that lives at the heart of each of us awakening in these turbulent times of alternating chaos and grace. Learn more about Jodi and the Goddess of Now

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