Enjoy this guest post from my new friend, Kamala Leslie. After reading this post I invite you to nourish your body and soul with a bath or invigorating swim .

The Sensual Joy of Water


I slipped my body between two boulders that created a small surge of a waterfall in the downward flow of the Yuba river. It was my first time experiencing this gorgeous body of water. It was different from the expanses of the Missouri that I grew up with in South Dakota. The day was ablaze with high-summer August sun. The rocks held my nubile body allowing me to relax and receive the force of the water through my whole being. The coolness of the river enlivened my cells, while the heat from the summer sun kept me needing and wanting the waters freshness. Plunging my head under, I felt a deep exhale through my body.

I twirled in the space, allowing the waters to caress my hips, my thighs, popping my head up, and then slipping under again. I stayed here, in this play, a long while, held by the golden summer sun kissing my body, and the water freeing me from my own mental constraints. Something let go in me, and my twenty-three year old self knew suddenly, and completely, what erotically innocent joy was, perhaps for the first time since I was a little girl. “This belongs to me, I belong to me,” I felt. She, the Yuba, was so sweet, so generous, as if her spirit knew my own, and mine, hers.

Water has been used for millennia for sacred renewal and purification, the sustenance and generation of life itself impossible without it. From the bathing in the Ganges river (honoring the goddess Ganga), to baptisms and birthing.

Oshun, the Yoruba goddess of sensuality rules over the rivers, while Lakshmi, goddess of fertility and spiritual and material abundance receives water from the holy elephants depicted behind her. The Star in the Tarot, a card of hope, innocence, and inspiration, is often pictured bathing herself in the waters of this self-renewal. The association of female deities with healing waters are numerous, including the sensual Venus, whose temple was also associated with the Roman bathhouses.

What is it about this element that elicits joy in our own nature, and how is joy so innate to this quality of erotic innocence and self-belonging?

The second chakra in our spiritual anatomy is said to be governed by the water element. Its yantra is a crescent moon shaped vessel. Balance here is said to allow the experience of creative flow, harmonious emotions, sensual and sexual fulfillment, and the sweetness of life. It is the “seat of the self”, this place, I believe, where we experience the pleasure of our own nature, untainted by the stresses, conditionings, taboos, and harshness that life can sometimes bring. Here, we belong fully to our own bodies, our joy, surrendered into the delicious satiation of our true nature.

Playing in water, and experiencing the gifts of this element will bring us into harmony. When was the last time you allowed yourself an experience of total joy and play in water? Water supports us to effortlessly relax into a natural remembrance of our innate sensual aliveness…

Water Meditation:

Go to a natural body of water in nature and allow her to bathe, caress, and heal you. A river, the ocean, a hot spring. If you cannot go to water in nature, then take a shower, a bath, or a bucket bath. Open to experience water’s gifts for your feminine spirit and being. Feel the sensation of water on your face, on your scalp, on your skin. Listen to the sounds, feel the quality and temperature on your skin. Feel the purifying qualities of the water as she softens you. Open to her sweetness, joy, and the wholeness of your desire as a woman. Receive.

Explore both stillness and then movement. Slowly, then quickly, and then quiet, and then pulsing. Notice her energy, and allow this to touch you, and change you. Harmonize with her, breathe her, and melt into her.

If you are bathing in a body of water, relax your bones, your jaw, your hips. Soften your belly. Feel the movement around your hips, between your thighs, over your breasts. Exhale. Soften. Allow yourself to feel held. Spend enough time here to allow your discursive mind to relax so your feminine nature can arise with ease.

As much as possible, on a regular basis, enjoy your connection with water. Come into communion with her in different ways. Allow her to connect you with your sensual aliveness, in all of its perfect, simple, ever-changing and present beauty.

Enjoy your unique experiences with water, completely for yourself. Move back out into the world with her spirit adorning you, so alive in the cells of your being. Move the way she moves, and touch the way she touches. Enjoy…

 Kamala Leslie

Kamala Leslie Kamala has been enjoying healing her relationship to life, nature, and her sensuality since her early twenties. As a Transformational Health Coach, dancer, and yogini, her passion is helping women reconnect to their vital energy, desire, and body wisdom, empowering them to live an embodied, soulful life. Through coaching and women’s yoga, she supports women to create nourishment, pleasure, joy, and fulfillment in their bodies and in their lives. Find Kamala on Facebook


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    Dear Kamala,

    Thank you so much for sharing your divinely feminine wisdom with our growing community. You are a love! XO – Shann

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      You are welcome, Shann. Thank you for giving me a sacred space to share. I so appreciate it, and what you are creating and up to!!

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