Welcome to the This Sacred Life and the Divine Feminine Spotlight. Every month I share transformational conversations with women who have learned to walk in beauty, with the strength, courage, and pleasure of reclaiming their feminine sovereignty. Women all over the world are rising up to have their voices heard. I like to give some of their voices a platform to speak their truth and invite you to do the same.

Today it’ my honor to introduce you to Lori A. Andrus. Lori is the founder of the Crystal Shaman School, a practitioner of crystal shamanism, and a soulful traveler. She artfully blends ancient wisdom traditions with crystal insight to create practical and breakthrough lifestyle applications, supporting individuals in re-creating their life. This Goddess Shines!



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Please share how you choreograph your sacred life.

I feel like this is ever changing . . . so I guess a big part of choreographing my sacred life is giving myself permission to change, to do things differently from one day to the next, to see life differently. Some days that looks like beginning the day with a little yoga and stretching other days that means diving into my crystal shaman class forum to answer questions and other days it means stepping away from my office altogether and spending the day playing in the woods or creating lavish ceremonies.

I know this sounds a little willy nilly, and I most definitely need a bit of structure or a container so to speak as that helps me really sink into my work.

Being a highly creative spirit I need excessive amounts of time where my mind can simply wander to play without needing a finished product.
So what’s been working really amazing for me right now is how I’ve been structuring my programs . . . 8 weeks of learning and 5 weeks of integration.

This structure surprisingly flows perfectly with the seasons. It gives program participants an opportunity to integrate the work and be ready for the turn of the medicine wheel.

And I have an opportunity to dance between being immersed in a highly structured and focused experience and then creatively expansive times when I can drift, play, travel, and dive into other pieces that require a different part of my brain.

When I started imagining this structure it sounded really cool . . . then I mapped it out on the calendar and was in awe. Right now it works beautifully.

And that said . . . giving myself permission to change this rhythm, when it is time.

How do you practice embodying your feminine sovereignty?

By giving myself permission to be sovereign.
I know this may sound funny, but discovering that I am the one who keeps myself bound has been incredibly liberating.
And for me this means spending time in nature, being curious about what I’m experiencing when I’m out on a hike, getting to know my local landscape intimately. It means creating time for the things that nourish me . . . from creating ceremonies to re-working my active altars and connecting with others in inspiring ways.

What are your favorite sacred feminine rituals?

Mmm . . . so many. Let me count the ways. Hehe.
I think there are several that I always seem to circle back to, ones that really help me to anchor my vision and dreams into my daily life. Working with my crystals, spending time immersed in nature, creating ceremony whether it’s at the beach, on a trail, or in my own backyard.

How does your work support the feminine experience?

As we reconnect with the earth, we reconnect with ourselves. Natures healing. We know this.

But often the answers to these questions seem to be overlooked . . . ‘what do I do when I’m out in nature? how do I connect? so what do I do, just go for a walk, sit in the grass? And then what?

The very core of my work is about connecting with our great Mother Earth. This is about so much more than just taking time to go for a walk or pause in the parking lot at the beach. Now of course if getting into nature is new for someone, this is a great place to start . . . but it’s only the beginning. All of life is life and it longs to connect with us. When we go for a walk, what if we were to talk with the tree who lost a limb in the recent storm? What if we were to notice the owl hanging out in the tree at dusk? What if we were to suggest a hunting spot a couple of doors down? What if we were to leave little gifts for Mother Earth? What if we were to feel her rhythm and find ourselves living harmoniously with it? How would we experience our own ebb and flow differently? How would we create our lives differently? What if we knew we were held and supported with absolutely every step in life?

Ahhh . . . so that was a ramble of questions . . . but, I feel that this is, the very core of shamanism, a deep and intimate relationship with the earth and all of life. It’s been my experience that this relationship is cultivated by spending meaningful time together, through ceremony and through ritual.

What comes up when you hear me say that the time has come for women to reclaim their voice and speak their truth?

First a big Aho . . . oh yes!

It is sooo time! And I think we are really at a time where all who have in some way felt marginalized are finding their voice.

This is powerful.

I think some of the challenge we are seeing is in the awkwardness that comes with embracing a part of self that has been in some way suppressed, dismissed, or even rejected by self or others.

What was your inspiration for the Crystal Shaman School?

So often I connect with people who feel an unexplained energy, sense of support, or maybe even an energetic presence when holding a crystal. These experiences activate their sense of curiosity and wonder. They want to know more, yet they feel stuck. They’ve already done a quick search, read about their crystal, and gotten some pretty cool insights. Now, they are ready for more . . . much more!
They want to know how to create their own crystal connection.

When we work with ancient shamanic practices, we can begin decoding the language of a crystal and connect with it in practical and meaningful ways.

Please tell us about your free offering.

The 7-day Crystal Immersion Journey will take you into the crystalline realms and where you can get to know your crystals through ancient shamanic practices.

It will invite you to put aside everything you think you know about crystals and open your heart to how they want to connect with you!

This is where crystal magic begins!

Visit CrystalShamanSchool.com or LoriAAndrus.com/crystal-challenge today with the free 7-day Crystal Immersion Journey

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