I’m glad you’re here to receive this month’s Goddess energy and a potent message from Athena for the days ahead. This is a message about trusting your instincts and moving forward on your terms. You are the creator of your life. Trust yourself. 

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Enjoy this month’s goddess card message!

Every time I draw a card for myself or someone else there is always some truth to be drawn from the message. I suggest writing out your message on a sticky note and placing it somewhere highly visible. Read your message and then sit with it. Notice what comes up for you. How does the message make you feel?

About the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards:

Each card offers a Goddess archetype from one of several traditions and a specific message. I pull cards each day for myself and often draw cards for clients and friends. I enjoy cards purely for entertainment and often use them as an oracle to inform my current situation.

The goddesses are powerful, angelic, and loving beings who want to support you. Each card includes a specific message about how you can improve your life, health, relationships, finances, career, and spiritual path.


The Goddess Card for February is ATHENA – Inner Wisdom

“You know what to do. Trust your inner wisdom, and take appropriate action without delay.

Message from Athena:
I am happy to assist you; however, you will be most thrilled when you first consult your inner bank of knowledge. For I assure you that this situation is already resolved and that you have access to all the wisdom that the universe supplies. To access this wisdom, you must quiet your mind. Surrender all worries and other concerns to the loving and almighty power of the universe. Close your eyes, and note the thoughts and feelings that come streaming into your consciousness. If you like, you can ask me to give you a signal that you have heard your inner wisdom correctly. But have faith. I assure you that you have heard and that the guidance brings you and your loved ones very good news indeed.

Meanings Of This Card:
Stop procrastinating. Stop giving away your power to others. Trust your gut. Do not second-guess yourself. You are correct. Notice recurring ideas, and take action on them.

About Athena:
(pronounced Uh-THEEN-uh): Athena is a powerful and wise Grecian goddess who oversees and protects those who call upon her. She is the daughter of Zeus, and her power animals are white owls and black pigeons. Although Athena is a warrior goddess, she does battle with wits instead of weapons. You can call upon her to resolve disputes, and also for protection. In addition, Athena helps with creative projects such as writing, arts, and crafts.




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