glowing reviews

Want to know where to go next in your life? Please check out Shann Vander Leek. This Goddess shines, and your reflective mirror will be polished in her presence. She’ll shed light on your path and will show you how to scrub the mirror clean. – Sandra Carden, Founder of Union Yoga

The Transformation Goddess experience moved me to another level of awareness! I’ve been active involved in personal and spiritual development my whole life. When I was very young, I knew “who” I was, but through my teen years buried this knowing deep inside to be just like everyone else – “normal”. I’ve uncovered my authentic self this year, but really felt she was BACK after Shann lead me through some deepening questions to uncover the true Goddess within me. I take pretty good care of myself, and in my discovery found MORE that I wanted to add to my ‘Luscious List’. I’ve let go of responsibilities that don’t suit me anymore, and dance with my intuition as new experiences and opportunities open up for me. The deeper feminine within us is vital to our growth and living an empowered life – Shann, you have my sincere gratitude for helping me access the divine within me. –Christine Laureano, CEO of Ba6 Botanicals

They don’t call her a transformation goddess for nothing! Shann helps me shift old habits of thinking and perception, guides me as I move into a more joyful appreciation of my spirit, and continues to be a loving mirror on my journey. When I need to get down to the root issues and do it in a safe space, I’ve got her on speed-dial. – Karen Hager, Intuitive Guide

In this program, I really dove into what is keeping me from feeling fully alive as a woman. Without even realizing it, I wasn’t truly embracing my own femininity and seeing how empowering I would feel when I did. Shann’s program helped me see that it’s not only okay to practice regular self-care, but it’s absolutely essential. – Jodi Chapman, Soul Speak

I’m so glad to partner with Shann. She motivates me to search within, and guides me through not only my everyday challenges but also lends the voice of calm and introspection to life’s larger obstacles by providing stellar support. Shann’s energy, deep understanding and integrity are unequaled. The dedication and compassion she has shown me, above all else, has helped me become the peaceful joyful woman I have always aspired to be. I highly recommend her transformational coaching services. – Kathy Netzley, Sales Executive

Shann is a straight shooter, passionate, experienced, loving and extremely talented as a coach. She has walked the talk and is the real deal when it comes to helping women become more alive. And that laugh of hers . . . it’s like listening to pure joy! – Toni Reece, The PEOPLE Academy

Shann, thank you for inspiring courage and focus on my journey. You joyfully hold me accountable for the choices that I want to make; the ones I don’t believe I can make at times. The uproarious laughter, the tears, the triumphs and the challenges all make your coaching a huge part of my positive transformation. Namaste. – Amanda Campbell, Meditation Teacher

I admire Shann’s mission to support women to become the Goddesses that they are and to live life on your unique Soul’s terms.  Shann is a shining example of leaving behind your “default reality” and stepping into your Destiny. – Michelle Casto, Awakener

I am so grateful for Shann Vander Leek and the magnificent Transformation Goddess Experience. Shann is truly gifted at blending the spiritual with the practical, and our time together in this delightful retreat was energizing and uplifting. I greatly appreciate Shann’s care in creating a safe, sacred space for us to be fully present and connect on a soul to soul level. Through her gentle questions and the soul-nourishing process she has carefully crafted, I was able to deeply reconnect with the heart of who I am. In our time together, I uncovered and released blocks I hadn’t even realized were there and by the time we left our retreat, I clearly saw the next steps on my path. If you’re feeling drawn to the Transformation Goddess Experience, trust your intuition, honor your sacred self, and go for it! – Becky McCleery, Founder of The Inspired Mama Project

Delicious… Sensual… Juicy… Warm … Peaceful … and Soulful are some of the words that spring to mind when I think about my Transformation Goddess Experience with (Goddess) Shann Vander Leek. It is my personal and professional opinion that this “experience” will connect you with the deepest and most sacred part of yourself, your Inner Goddess. You couldn’t wish for a more adept tour guide, Shann radiates authentic compassion and love with each and every beautiful chosen, soul-nurturing word that rolled off of her tongue. Shann’s ability to create a beautiful, safe and sacred space is truly a divine gift.

Simply put … Transformation Goddess is a must have experience! Treat yourself to this soulful journey and live life more joyfully and pleasure-filled than you’ve ever thought possible. – Lisa Marie Rosati, International Health, Wellness & Lifestyle Goddess

Shann, Thank you for lifting me up through the difficulties of the past several months. You taught me to be gentle with myself, to celebrate the journey, to open my eyes and heart to new possibilities, to value who I am, to be aware of my accomplishments, and to allow myself to make mistakes and forgive myself when I do. Your coaching, encouragement, generosity, humor, and wisdom have touched my life in such a positive way. – Marianne Morgan, Bank Administrator

I am eternally grateful for each of these glowing reviews. Thank you!