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Transformation Goddess Experience – Transform your precious life in 90 days

How does three months of loving support, mentoring, sister-guidance, and deeply personal introspection sound to you? How does shouting from the mountain top, “I’m ready to claim my feminine power and transform my life!” feel to you?

My private, one-on-one Transformation Goddess Experience program was created specifically for creative, seeking, courageous women who are READY to dig deep and transform their lives.

I want you to give up the notion that you’re a shell of a woman, chained to the roles you play in your life. This is one reason why I created this exclusive offering. You are meant to be adored—mind, body, and soul. I will work with you to coax your inner goddess out of hiding, and support you to create a soulful, sacred, and divinely feminine reality.

This VIG (very important goddess) experience includes a 3-month divine feminine mentoring partnership, a Luscious Virtual Retreat, Transformational Coaching, Sacred Heart Teachings, Creative Expression and so much more.

I want to support you as you unearth your inner Goddess through self-study, compassionate self-care and sacred feminine ritual.

This sacred offering is overflowing with supportive and powerful jewels of wisdom and sweet indulgence. 

Sacred space is limited!

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Here’s what I know about you:

You’re a woman who is ready to begin bringing your needs to the front of the line.

You want to create more joy, peace and grace in your life, and you know it.

You are not afraid to do the work that needs to be done to heal yourself.

You want to say “YES!” to your deepest desires, and you know that NOW is the time.

You know that every experience you have had up to this point has prepared you to step forward as a woman ready to give herself the personal attention she desires and deserves—ready to create for herself a peaceful, joyful, and sacred oasis.

It is with boundless joy and blissful energy that I receive your intention to reshape your sense of self and wipe the mirror clean. I’ve prayed, meditated, and journaled about this process, and I know that this is what I’m here on Earth to facilitate.

I want to generously support you as a woman, teacher, mentor, life coach, yoga instructor, author, artist, photographer, wife, mother, daughter, and transformation enthusiast.

I have coached hundreds of extraordinary women in my career. When they sought me out, these women rarely put themselves first or made time for compassionate self-care. The challenges women face to be respected, to be heard, to open their hearts, or to step into their power are very similar:

You work hard. You run a household. You care for your friends and family. You wrestle with self-care, putting everyone and everything else before your own needs. You play more roles in life than humanly possible and your well is dry.

This is your invitation for a rich and full guided feminine awakening.

The Transformation Goddess experience is a combination of custom private retreat coaching and mentoring. Offering a bubbling well of support, and straightforward actionable steps to help you move gracefully through your current situation. 

Saying YES to The Transformation Goddess Experience Invitation is saying YES to your Divine Feminine Power. There will be a lot of accountability—so if you don’t have the time or burning desire right now, it might not be the best fit. Allow for some quiet contemplation before you make your decision, because this is the kind of offering that deserves your full attention and commitment.

This Profound Experience is NOT for you if:

You are totally over-taxed.
You are not willing to invest the time and energy right now.
You are not ready for disciplined excavation.
You must be willing to dig deep, play and participate.
You would rather go it alone. You must feel ready to reshape your reality

But if you feel ready to awaken the goddess within

Your Experience begins with a Delightful Virtual Retreat
along with a Three-month long Transformational journey devoted to YOU
(It’s all about you!)

  • Let go of limiting beliefs
  • Shed your conventional skin
  • Conquer the shadow of fear-based thinking
  • Gain insight and clarity about how you want to live, dance, and play in the world
  • Laugh your butt off
  • Enjoy guided meditation and relaxation
  • Experience self-discovery through self-assessment exercises
  • Let your hair down and revel in your true Goddess nature

 You will come away feeling…

* adored * connected * invigorated * refreshed * renewed * amped * clear * transformed *

And move forward while being fully supported for 3 full months as you gracefully transform yourself into the woman you are meant to be.

What you will gain from this Transformational journey

  • A healthy sense of Self
  • A deep mind-body-soul connection
  • Supportive sacred rituals
  • A deeper resonance in your life

What You Get

Your package includes three months of supportive and transformational coaching, which encompasses:

  • Four hours of Deep Goddess Time: a one-on-one virtual retreat in the comfort of your own space (Click to see the structure of our time together)
  • Five hours of Coaxing Your Goddess preparation to be completed by you one week before we meet
  • Three months of Unlimited Email correspondence with Shann to support your transformation
  • Three 60-minute Goddess coaching sessions with Shann after your retreat 
  • Membership to the Transformation Goddess community on Facebook
  • Bonus Gifts guaranteed to make you feel adored

Want to rock your Goddess?

As a bonus for applying, you will receive my Transformation Goddess Experience Album guaranteed to transport you to a divine feminine oasis. Plus, when you say yes to this experience, you will receive an exquisite gift, fit for a Transformation Goddess.

You deserve to rock your Goddess!

Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. Please be transparent and authentic with your answers. I promise that your personal sharing is 100% private and confidential. Your answers will inform our time together during your complimentary interview.

Your Personal Invitation and Investment Terms

The Transformation Goddess Experience is an investment – a valuable jewel that requires a commitment of time, energy, and money. As a Transformation Goddess, I have invested thousands of dollars in my spiritual, emotional, and physical education. I’ve partnered with incredible teachers and coaches to fully develop, enhance, and appreciate the secret sweetness of my goddess life. I’m prepared to hold space for you.

The Transformation Goddess Experience is $1197.00. By submitting your application, you agree that you are willing and able to invest in this experience. Monthly payment plans are available for a slightly higher investment.

Still not sure? This is your invitation to submit your application anyway.  We can talk about all of your options during your complimentary – no strings attached interview.

Please note that no money changes hands until after our conversation.

I’d be honored to share the Transformation Goddess Experience with you. Fill out your application now and we’ll schedule a preliminary interview in the next two weeks. No money changes hands until we have a conversation to be sure we are a good fit for each other.

With Big LOVE,

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P.S. As part of this transformational offering you will receive:

  • Loving Experience: A powerful VIG virtual retreat
  • Loving Support: Personal coaching with Shann
  • Loving Creativity: Journaling, poetry, The Sacred Heart Teachings 
  • Loving Mindfulness: Gentle Yoga, breath work, guided meditation, energy balancing
  • Loving Rituals: Letting go, “Joy Spotting,” and creating your sacred sanctuary

Your Transformation Goddess Experience Mentor & Guide


Shann Vander Leek:  Successful television advertising executive turned Transformation Goddess, Yogini, Producer, and Founder of True Balance International. She is the co-founder of Anxiety Slayer, author of Life on Your Terms, and creator of the Sacred Heart Teachings and Goddess Talk Sessions. Shann coaches powerful women in transition who are ready to reclaim their feminine sovereignty and transform their precious lives. She is a mama, author, entrepreneur, artist, and mentor to the women who are attracted to her transformational work. Shann’s courageous journey of self-discovery includes yoga teacher training, silent retreat, deep shadow work, Artist’s Way facilitation, 13 Grandmother’s teachings, Changing Woman initiation and healing sweat lodge ceremonies.