Welcome back, Goddess! I love drawing Oracle cards for you and have been offering Goddess Card Messages since 2012. This month Goddess Isolt rose to the top of the deck to remind us that love is everlasting. Isolt can help you heal your heart from emotional pain. She is here to show you that the [...]

Happy New Year Beautiful Souls, I’m glad you’re here to receive the Goddess energy for January. Guinevere is here to lead you back to your own beautiful heart. She reminds us that true love resides within. When you can see that beautiful light within yourself, you will be ready to see this sacred love and [...]

Hello Beautiful, I’m glad you chose to come back to receive Goddess energy for October. Ishtar invites us to set and respect healthy boundaries. Your time and energy are valuable. Practice not letting your energy be sapped by others, or spreading yourself too thin. Enjoy this month’s goddess card message! I will share oracle readings [...]