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This month at This Sacred Life, I’m speaking with Psychic Medium, Lindsay Marino about intuition, self-love, and learning to trust ourselves. This Goddess Shines!


Lindsay Marino is a bright light in the world. She is a former 3rd-grade teacher who became an international psychic medium after her whole world was turned upside down.
Lindsay is co-host of
“The Lindsay and Tony Podcast.” Lindsay helps psychic mediums all around the world deepen their gifts and grow their business through her popular online programs. Lindsay currently resides in Tampa, Florida, and loves to travel the world with her husband Tony.



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Goddess Guidance Energy
Rhiannon – Doubt

Rhiannon gallops into your life to tell you how to work with doubt. To doubt someone or something when your instincts are giving you warning signals is healthy. Spending time doubting yourself is self-negating and not very helpful. The best way of working with self-doubt is to turn it into self-questioning. Self-doubt leads you nowhere. Self-questioning gives you answers. Do you get stuck in doubt and let it turn your optimism into despair, your confidence into low self-esteem, your vitality into sluggishness and procrastination? Does doubt align itself with your fears to keep you from succeeding? Do the doubts of others shipwreck your dreamboat? Perhaps when the outside world is concerned you need to exercise a bit more skepticism, rather than trusting blindly. Rhiannon tells you not to let doubt erode your sacred self. Allow yourself to question rather than doubt so that you can gain the answers you need to continue on your path to wholeness.

Source: The Goddess Oracle by Amy Sophia Marashinsky with illustrations by Hrana Janto

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Why we think Rhiannon rose to the top of the deck
  • How Lindsay transitioned from her role as a 3rd-grade teacher and opened to her gifts as a psychic medium
  • How trusting your intuition can help you transform your life
  • Why taking a break from screen time is beneficial
  • Lindsay’s message for us during this unprecedented time on Earth
  • A free offering for you


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