Enjoy this guest post from my new friend, Kamala Leslie. After reading this post I invite you to nourish your body and soul with a bath or invigorating swim . The Sensual Joy of Water   I slipped my body between two boulders that created a small surge of a waterfall in the downward flow of the [...]

Woman in a Wheat Field from © dimedrol68 – Every goddess has the ability to manifest the life she wants. She just has to dive in to the feminine wisdom and power that is available inside of her! At present, our society has plugged in to a masculine way of realizing plans and dreams. [...]

You can infuse more peace and tranquility in your life by practicing sacred rituals to connect with your beautiful soul. The practice and experience of sacred ritual is an anchor of many spiritual traditions. Ritual helps us honor, heal, and work with our personal energy. A ritual is defined as an intentional activity performed at a [...]