Hello Beautiful Souls, I’m glad you’re here to receive Goddess guidance energy for December. Eireen invites us to release fear and worry and to trust that everything is working out beautifully. We often cling so tightly to our attachment to outcomes or how things “should” be that we can miss the beauty in the way [...]

:: Sacred Solstice Transmission :: What a glorious time to be alive. Seriously… A new way of being is in the process of creation. Birthing a new paradigm is messy and uncomfortable at times but some of the darkness and heaviness you feel is coming from a part of the collective that wants to stay [...]

Welcome back! I’m so glad you’re here to receive the Goddess energy for the month of February. As you know, I offered free goddess card messages for 7 years. After thoughtful consideration, I changed things up for 2020. The goddess card reading is still a free monthly offering but I will no longer draw individual [...]