Happy February and Imbolc Blessings!

I’m glad you’re here to receive the Goddess energy for February. It’s no surprise and still surprising that fiery Brigit was my pull for this month. Brigit invites us to stand up for our rights and the rights of others. She is a force of conscious creation and laser focus Call on Brigit when you lose confidence in yourself and your voice. Brigit/Brigid is celebrated worldwide on February 1st, the ancient sacred day called “Imbolc,” which marks the beginning of springtime and increasing daylight.

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Enjoy this month’s goddess guidance!

Every time I draw a card for myself or someone else there is always some truth to be drawn from the message. I suggest writing out your message on a sticky note and placing it somewhere highly visible. Read your message and then sit with it. Notice what comes up for you. How does the message make you feel?

About the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards:

Each card offers a Goddess archetype from one of several traditions and a specific message. I pull cards each day for myself and often draw cards for clients and friends. I enjoy cards purely for entertainment and often use them as an oracle to inform my current situation.

The goddesses are powerful, angelic, and loving beings who want to support you. Each card includes a specific message about how you can improve your life, health, relationships, finances, career, and spiritual path.

Reclaim Your Voice and Revel in Your Feminine Sovereignty!


The Goddess Card for February
Brigit – Don’t Back Down

“Stand up for what you believe is right.”


Message from Brigit: First, be quite clear about your intentions. If you are unclear, then confusion will lessen your power and force. Like a candle in the dark, be very clear and bright in what is acceptable to you in this situation. Make no mistake: I will guide and protect you. And yet, think of the unparalleled rise in your own viewpoint if you are able to stand up for yourself, and speak up about your needs and your deepest truth! Now is the time to touch your power, for its heat and flame will ignite your passion, which will propel you forward in countless ways. Even in the face of fear, you can still stand up for your ideals and your truth. Be unwavering, and make your stand today!

Meanings Of This Card:
Be assertive. Do not worry about what others think. Trust that your actions will work out fine. Speak your truth. Stick to your opinions. Put your foot down. Stand your ground.

About Brigit: (pronounced BRIH-jet): Brigit is a Celtic triple-goddess, which means that she represents three aspects of a woman: the young virgin, the nurturing and loving mother, and the crone/sage/wise woman. Brigit is a fiery goddess who tirelessly protects those who call upon her, and she is a feminine counterpart to Archangel Michael’s warrior energy. Brigit’s temple is in Kildare, Ireland. She is celebrated worldwide on February 1st, the ancient sacred day called “Imbolc,” which marks the beginning of springtime and increasing daylight.


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