Hello Beautiful, I’m glad you chose to come back to receive Goddess energy for the month of July. Kali invites us to join the revolution. She shows us how to destroy ignorance, judgment, and unhealthy connections with the people, places, and things that no longer serve us. She does this with fierce love ruthless compassion [...]

Free Goddess Card Messages are now closed for this month. If you arrived at our blog after the deadline, please come back next month. Blessings and Big LOVE, Shann Welcome back! To set the energetic tone for each new month, I’ll pull one Goddess card message for anyone who leaves a comment before 12 Noon [...]

Today I’m honored to share a guest post from my gorgeous friend Lone Mørch. Lone is an Award-winning author, photographer & Rebel Priestess. Enjoy! Meeting Kali in Kathmandu Kali, the great goddess of creation and destruction, showed up on my doorstep during my divorce. Even though goddesses and gurus weren’t my cup of tea, I’d [...]