Hello Beautiful, I’m glad you chose to come back to receive the Goddess energy for the month of May. Nemetona invites us to visit an otherly place or a sacred power place to connect with the Divine. Two of my favorite power places are on the shores of Lake Michigan or Sturgeon Bay.  I will [...]

Free Goddess Card Messages are now closed for this month. If you arrived at our blog after the deadline, please come back next month. Blessings and Big LOVE, Shann Blessings to you on this Leo New Moon! To set the energetic tone for August, I’ll pull one Goddess card message for anyone who leaves a [...]

Last summer I experienced an energetic cord cutting ceremony and sweat lodge to release of decades-old wounds and stories with my dad. At the time, I was being drawn back into some of our old patterns and it was necessary to reset my intention to create healthy boundaries in our newly minted relationship. My teacher [...]