Today, it’s my pleasure to share an interview with Annie Wilson, the author of Goddess Walking. Annie walks her readers through intimate stories of abandonment, betrayal, and forgiveness. I was moved to tears by all she’s overcome; including the courage to create a life full of beauty and grace, after so much suffering.  Annie revels in [...]

It’s been almost a year since the vile recording of Donald Trump came out where he talked about using his television star status and power to kiss women and grab them by the pussy etc. His behavior was sloughed off by his wife and others as lude “locker room talk.” A short time later, the [...]

Reba Linker is back with another gem for us. Enjoy reading, We are Prisms of God’s Love. Do the Angel’s Need Us? Last year I completed a practitioner training in TIME Heals© (Theocentric Interactive Magnetic Energy), inspired by a collective of spirit guides called The Healers. The Healers (Spirit Guides, Archangels, and Ascended Masters) work [...]